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To travel is to experience something new…Every time.

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Travelling is about observing, learning something new every time, It’s a serious Bizarre. Isn’t it? Travelling with different people, meeting new people is a different experience. I went on a vacation and I can’t wait to share the types of travellers I witnessed in my journey.

1: Some Serious travellers:

Google says to take right now!
Driver: oh it’s after 20m!
Just saying!

Glued where the route goes, always up for help. These type of travellers are someone who is serious, and always conscious. They are always on the google maps checking if we’re going right or not. isn’t it?

2: The Chatterbox:

Lots of laughter, and fun! how can a trip be without the hot gupp that we get in outings?

There are the gang of people who talk about each and everything. The gang who can never stay quiet. well, no trip is fun without the bundle of gossips. right?

3: The corner seat traveller:

shhh! i am busy admiring the scenery!!!

Are you the one who loves to get a window seat? Earphones on, book in hand, a the corner seat, away from the surrounding. They are the one who never wants to miss a single scenery. well, I am one of them too! Nothing can beat the combination of Books, music and scenery.

4: The First seat traveller:

Run Run! what if someone takes my place?

Who always runs to sit next to the driver’s seat? Are you the one who worries that the driver will feel sleepy and you talk to him continuously? well, My dad is the one. He always chats with the driver, especially during night journeys.

5: The Beverages addict:

I can’t go ahead without a cup of tea Now!

Well, There’s one person in the group who always runs towards the tea stall every time you take a break or the one who needs green tea or Coffee?

Green Tea + Greenery = Perfect trip. Are you the one? who loves having green tea? well, if a perfect green tea lightens your mood than get an Instacuppa’s Tea Travel Mug. It’s perfect for all the green tea lovers.

and if It’s a perfect cup of coffee that keeps you Up Do not miss Instacuppa Travel Coffee Mug!

6: The one concerned about hygiene:

eeeeewww!! the dirty washrooms, I’ll wait till we reach the hotel.

We all have that one person for whom Hygiene matters the most when it comes to travelling. Clean public washrooms make them happy. right? The one who has everything in their bag from tissues to sanitizer, Everything!

7: The photographer of the trip:

Can someone click my pictures please? oh after you click ours!!!

One person who captures the beautiful moments and share all the memories with us. The Photographer of the Group who never miss capturing a single moment!

8: Social media freak and Selfieholic:

Wait wait, don’t eat, I need to click picture and upload!!! Oh please smile you look tired after 8 hours journey, I want a perfect selfie!!!

We all have that one person in our gang who is a selfie addict. The one who adds every small detail on social media. The one with lots of pictures.

9: The Multitaskers :

Excuse me, I have an urgent call. Oh, remember the Arjun from ZNMD. The mental Buoyyy!!!!

Do all the groups have this one person who is always busy elsewhere? always on the call? That one person who is glued with the laptop/phones for work purpose. Well, the multitaskers who tries to manage everything.

10: The Explorers:

 Me udna chahta hu, dodhna chahta hu.. girna bhi chahta hu.. Bas Rukknaa Nahi Chahta…oh we all have  Bunny and Naina from YJHD. Isn’t it?

Every group has one person who is ready to try every new adventure. These are the spontaneous one who never says no. Are you the one who is always up for adventures. The one person who changes the actual plan for going to some another place, isn’t it? These are the one who wants to explore every single place.

11: The dancers and the Musicians:

Dance till you’re high!!

Every trip is incomplete without some music and dance, isn’t it? There’s always one person who makes everyone sing and dance! How can we forget damsharas and Antakshari when in Bus or car? Singing songs and having so much fun.

12: The Foodies:

Oh! But first food, other things can wait! These Gujrati’s have missiles of Khakhraa, theplaa, handwaa, dhoklaa…hahhah remmeber?

A trip is never complete without homemade food. We have that one person who always carries a variety of foods for the journey. Well, being Gujrati I never fail to carry some food.

13: I have it all traveller:

Jo maango vo Milega!!!

These are organised travellers. You name it and they have it. They carry everything that a person needs. These are my favourite type of travellers.

14: The early birds and Night owls.

Oh  no compromise when it comes to sleep.
Wakeuup!!! we need to see the sunrise!!

Haven’t we all dreamt of our friends trying to wake us up  singing chumma chumma the scene  from YJHD? Like bunny did for Aditi?

The one who wants to witness the sunrise, and then there are others who enjoy the late night gossip, movies and the stars.


These are some types of travellers that I have seen. What type of traveller you are? also, add the travellers you witnessed to the list.

well, I asked some of my friends, what type of travellers they are and here’s the reply.


I am a very organised traveller I would say. I carry almost everything in my bag, you won’t b disappointed ever. You want it, I got it.


I plan ahead.. I pack according to weather & activities I plan to do..Try to book tickets that maximize my time there (like travel overnight n land in the morning so I get a full day). I make a Google map with all the “recommended” spots & plan my days so I can cover most of it. But I’m flexible enough to adjust my plans as needed when I’m actually there. I’ll happily skip something touristy from my list in favour of something off-beat that locals recommend. It’s all about enjoying myself & experiencing a new place to the fullest!


Sometimes I am a sit beside the window seat and just feel the wind kind of traveller, along with some music. Sometimes I do enjoy getting lost in the books.


Pyjamas and Books any day. My Idea of a perfect Travel is Books, Clear Weather, Comfortable Clothes and clean Washrooms ? Washrooms can be a big Turn off for me for the entire trip. 


I am the spontaneous-in-your-face kind of traveller. The Naina from YJHD meets Into the wild


I am the Traveller who falls asleep the moment everyone settles down.


Walking and walking , getting lost into nature and surroundings and being around people yet shy af kind .


Sitting-in-the-corner-seat-with-a-book kind of a traveller.


I pack light, eat local and travel like I won’t be coming back to the same place again

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  1. Novemberschild

    I am the thrill seeker.
    Not so much of the adventure-sports variety, though of course there’s no shortage of nincompoops willing to tie their ankles to a rubber band and leap off a bridge or whatever.

    1. vidhya thakkar


  2. Aritro Chattopadhyay

    I am the foodie. I eat almost everything, which comes on my way. From bhelpuri to biryani, everything.

  3. Anurag Singh

    Well i am a mixture

    I love to do everything while travelling

    We explore every dimension

    ? ? ?

  4. Sitharaam Jayakumar

    I am always worried about my seat in buses. Too often I have come across people who plonk down on your seat the minute you get up and that is it, you find yourself standing for the rest of the journey :} And yes, I like corner seats provided it is not pouring with rain or the I am not facing the Sun on a hot day. A corner seat that is shaded, that is what I like.

  5. kanu

    An Interesting Post.I am a mix of many among your List..Sometimes i want to grab the first seat and sometimes want to sit alone and admire Nature

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Hehe thank youuu

  6. Neha Sharma

    Hahaha, loved reading it. I guess am the one who loves to grab the corner seat just not to miss the beauty of the scenery and of course I am the adventure lover. Just tell me the plan and I’ll be up for it. Bring it on!

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thank youuu

  7. Aritra Chakrabarty

    Interesting read. Indeed there are different traits in different travellers & u have summed up so well.

  8. Prerna wahi

    Loved your post. a fun light read. I don’t fall in any one category. Guess I overlap across a few!

  9. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    All these ppl together make the journey memorable.

  10. Pragnya Mishra

    What a fun read! I am a mix of few here.

  11. anupriya

    These is some list girl. I mean I could so relate to every role and already out a face (of somebody who I know and have travelled with) to them.

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