Valentine’s for your “Loved one’s”

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How does it feel when you see the empty space besides you which was once filled?
How does it feel when the pain is healed but scars still remain?
Is valentine only for lovers? If there are broken hearts then there are Broken friendship’s too which meant alot more then love.

To all boys, wish your Mom happy valentines because she is and will be there when you will have no one to hold your hand, when you are in tension she will endup reading your mind and telling, “everything will be okay”,which will make your world happy in darkness

To all the Girls, wish your Dad very happy valentines because no one can make you feel special as he does. No one will take you on a ride at night with your crazyness. you might have many rides with your boyfriend but with Dad it’s always a special ride. He will be the one who will tell, “princess, be crazy as you are, some right person will adore your immaturity” And he is the one who makes your life happy.

And yes, celebrate Valentine’s with your friends,express how much you love them, because they are the one who never made you feel alone on Valentine’s.

Valentine’s its not only for lovers but for everyone. Share the token of love with every one. The bond of Faith, trust, love, care shared by friends is not even shared by lovers.

Most important on this Valentine’s day, learn to be your own valentine. Learn to love yourself. Fill yourself with love so much that you don’t need anyone to fill you.

And now for all those broken hearts, fill yourself with love. Learn to let go and be happy. Learn to accept what life shows you and just move on.

Last but not the least,
“To the one who taught me what life is, what love is, and move away,
If every day was Valentine’s,
I would always wish you to be mine,
Love for you would be never ending,
but while learning to forget you,
 I found myself loving some more few,
-My forever Valentine’s


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  1. Khushboo - The PRINCESS

    Perfectly said essence of love.
    It is d same love that gives scars has ability to heal.
    One must keep loving n love will seek u, u may not receive love from d one you Love, Bt it will reach u by someone u didn't expect
    Love is a chain, a circle…..One must alws be open to being loved

  2. Life and it's tales | ViDhya

    Yess diii so ri88

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