Book Review: Wheels of wish by Bibhu Datta Rout

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You see what you deserve. It is the gift of your imagination.

Author: Bibhu Datta Rout
Publisher: Storymirror
Rating: 3.5/5

SummaryVidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai
Imprisonment of a couple in the Dwapar Yug and the creation of magnetism at Sun temple in Konark has a great deal of linkage to a missing boy in the 13th century carrying the mightiest power of the universe that transcends in time across generations leading to an alleged rape and murder accusation to the story’s protagonist, an investment banker Shashank Chaudhary in 2008 who flies from New York to Odisha to find himself trapped in an 800 years old enigma.
A biological allegory that unfolds a historical and mythological mystery that counts back in time as far as the epic Mahabharata. One that surpasses time and the material world with its mathematical calculations within physical elements. Unexplainable evidences, puzzling data, conspiracy theories and unheard secrets intermingle with one another to create plots in the history of time that have been startling scientists and mythologists to date. It’s now in the court room that he must face his worst fears and probably the world’s greatest held secret, a rare phenomenon of a chromosomal defect, from an unexpected guest.


Firstly, The cover of the book is interesting. It surely reveals, there’s alot of mystery hidden inside. The title of the book is also attractive.The book focuses on Odisha and the mythological facts. The blurb of the story is super interesting and tells you more about the story. The book is fast Paced thriller story.I loved the way it started. It’s an easy read and one can connect to the story easily. The concept of the book is interesting and out of the box. The way the author has described the story is something I loved the most. The narration of the story is crisp and smooth. The tempo of the story is also good. It has some historical facts, thriller, mystery in it. I loved the way the story ended. The flow of the book is also good. I finished this book in one go. There are too many characters in the story which was very confusing. The language used by the author is simple. Each chapter contributes a lot to the story and completes the puzzle. It’s a mythological thriller. Though I expected a little more of the thriller in the story. I love reading mythology books and this book covers a lot of history and mythology.

Simple language, interesting read, facts and fiction make it an interesting read. This book is one of the best read.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy of the book from the publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review.

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