Where are the Stars lost?

Where are the stars lost
Can u get them back in life like getting the rainy season back?can u get people back into life
Can same roles be played again?
Can same feelings come agaìn?
Can those lil fights, crazy talks, stupid fun everything can be Back again? Like starts bright universe, can’t those same people bright my universe again?
People say when they leave your life, their marks are always left but what if they took all your stars away with them? Those stars that use to brighten moon, universe..that same star have become dull not only dull but have become none
Can I get the stars back
Please don’t fake
Let universe get brighten again
Let that shine vanish your pain
Can that universe get stars back again
Can’t those stars bright world again
Can’t those stars shine the mone again
The moon was bright but it’s charm where stars
People watch moon with stars 
Can’t  everything can set back again forgetting old scars?

“Moon may have its own beauty, it’s stars that make it more Beautiful”

Remember it’s not your star’s that makes you dull but your old scars.
Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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