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10 Signs of A True Book Lover – World Book Day 2020

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It’s World Book Day today, so tell me about your favourite book? or the book you want each one of them to read?

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” a perfect phrase which describe true emotions of book lover by  Ernest Hemingway. A book reader is the one who can never be satisfied by ebooks and always choose hardcopy. 


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A bookworm is the one who not just read the pages but also the mind of writer. Books are the greatest companion for their readers. 

Reading books are counted as one of the good manners if practiced regularly. Books teaches one life lessons to walk along. 

It is not wrong to be a Bibliophile and love it more than human face, after all  it promises to stick by your side and listen all of yours untold stories without complaining. Bibliophile are the ones who loves books particularly on the grounds of how they look, smell, what it feels.

Books are now a days translated in the form of moving pictures but even that cannot change the mind of a dedicated lover towards his/her loved ones. Fondness to read a book doubles many a time. Read as much as you can, to learn and unlearn way of living.

While watching a film it is heard that the character is been recited by many in individual aspect but savants tries to live the character they read by understanding its happiness and sadness.

It is always said that there is sign for every move. Let’s  learn  some of the key signs which can help  you to differentiate between a normal reader and a book lover :

  1. Comapring reel and real characters –

After flicking through the pages of a book, the reader will judge you with personality they have read in and out. You cannot complain, it is the first common trait of a bookworm to compare both the characters till the time they are officially out of it.

  2. Background of the book

Once a reader is done reading the book, he/she will definitely look for the author, publisher who had made him/her helplessly fall in love with each and every word of book.

  3. Collection of books –

Every reader room or home will have at least a mini library of favourite book collection which is read zillion of times yet soul remains unsatisfied.

 4. Introvert –

The biggest sign of a bookworm is how he/she is detached from the outer world. An introvert  always stays in the character, they have read recently or favourite one. Loner is a tag an introvert, a book lover often gets. They do for read multiple best self discovery books to find their own happiness within themselves.

  5. Carrying a book –

A book lover will always carry a book with him/her, wherever they go. As said book is the greatest companion to them so getting bored never comes in their dictionary.

  6. Following series –

A book lover will always have multiples copies of the book they love the most. It sequel first drops on their footsteps. This is the finest trait of a lover to keep close what he/she loves the most.

  7. Spending money –

 A bookworm earns to spend on reading. He/she never hesitate to spend all earnings on the book they want to read despite being the most costly. Many across the world live on pocket money they get and it goes into piggy bank to buy a new book. Afterall, it is why they choose to live.

   8. Pre-order the book –

An ardent book lover will always the first one to book an order for upcoming addition. Missing it out is never in their dictionary. Books are like magnet to their souls.

  9. Teach to keep neat books –

 If a book lover gives you his/her book and by mistakenly you return it in condition not acceptable then definitely you wait to see a whole new face of human. Devil is here.

  10. Being Chasmish

Since countless years trend is going on to identify a book lover through specs or fondly called chasmish. Every girl or boy with books in her or his hand and without a specs is an incomplete feature of a book lover.

Happy Reading!

This is a Guest post by Ashish Gupta from Trend Pickle

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