A Blink and it was gone

Yes,with a blink all dreams,everything went on,went away far away,which made new me. Like a wave it went away so far that can’t get again.only the memories are left now!!

Yes,that was new start,new start of everything
A new life
Where there was no more trust on anyone nor love left in heart.
No believe on word “Trust” nor smile when word “care”.
All of them just fade away and memories too hurt sometimes.It made a new strong me,though that charm wad gone having fake smile and walking alone miles and miles.

“Pain burried deep down with fake smile”
Yes, now anything doesn’t matter !!
Just going on saying “It’s Okay”
Maybe someday a blink and everything comes back again
#staystrong #livewithfakesmile

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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