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Mad Moments – Choose yourself Sunshine.

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I started with isn’t it all about
Then changed it to its
the shift itself hits hard
Making my hardest choice easier.

I feel shiver
I feel chills
What does this feel
Is this the warmth
Or the warning
Is this something to go to
Or something to be left alone.

As I feel the chaos
Hands trembling
Mind numb
Is this the fear or the fall
I ask the universe.

As a few minutes pass by
The storm gets clear
The chaos settle
In that moment
I found my answer.

The calming of the storm
Tells me it fights alone
It’s a fight that is nobody else’s but mine.
I have to deal, I have to strive,
I have to survive the chaos
Alone, every dam time.

The shift from isn’t to it now feels clear
Baby take a leap of faith and trust the universe.
Things seem unreal and you have to go with the flow,
Like it or not, the lessons are meant to be learned

Take a vow
To choose yourself
Every dam time
you fought the battle alone
Still fighting
Still striving
Know that you will rise.

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