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Arjuna The Greatest Lover by Saurish Hegde – Book Review

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Author: Saurish Hegde
Publisher: Om books international

Writing Style


If you love reading mythology, you will love reading this book. No,it’s not about the greatest war, it’s a journey of the greatest lover. 



I love reading mythology, knowing more about mythological characters. We always get a different perspective of Mahabharata from each character. We have books about Shakuni, Draupadi, Subhadra, Kunti, Gandhari and other characters.

I was always keen to know about Arjuna. We know him as the greatest warrior, who won the swayamvar and married Draupadi and Subhadra, Krishna’s sister. We all are aware of the bond Krishna and Arjuna share.

What we are unaware of is the two women in his life. It was always a mystery. The women are Ulupi, the Nagas Princess and Chitrangadha, the warrior queen. Little did we know, Arjuna’s own son became his arch-enemy.

Saurish.hegde in his book Arjuna shares the Unheard tales of Arjuna’s life. From how he felt about Draupadi to a mistake he made by entering his brother’s chamber while he was with Draupadi, breaking the pact and was exiled from the city. The book starts with his queens telling the tale of his adventures.

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I liked how excitedly Saurish shares about Arjuna’s life, the making of Indraprastha, How Maya helped them, the beauty of Indraprastha, sharing Draupadi with his brothers and many other things. The bond he shared with his brothers and Draupadi.

Crisply narrated with an engaging writing style, Saurish shares about the four queens of Arjuna, how they met and when they decided to get married. I enjoyed reading about Ulupi and Chitrangadha. How much they loved Arjuna. I wish if the author added more bits to Subhadra’s story especially when they elope.

I loved reading about how Ulupi and Chitrangadha met and the bond between them. Arjuna’s life was an adventure and these four women’s were the strongest pillars. It’s a light, smooth paced read, where the author enlightens readers about Arjuna’s travels during the exile period.

If you love reading mythology, you will love reading this book. No,it’s not about the greatest war, it’s a journey of the greatest lover. I wished to know more about what happened in Ulupi and Chitrangadha’s life after Arjuna left.Another enchanting tale of love, amazingly narrated by Saurish.hegde


Arjuna is remembered as a great warrior and an archer extraordinaire, but did you know that he was also the greatest lover to have ever lived? Arjuna won Draupadi at her swayamvar as his wife, but were you aware that he had three other wives as well? Abhimanyu was Arjuna’s son. But Arjuna had four other sons, one of whom became his arch enemy. Arjuna the Greatest Lover delves deep into the story of the passionate lover and warrior. After Arjuna wins Draupadi’s hand in marriage, a mistake on his mother’s part results in Draupadi ending up as the common wife of all five Pandavas. With Draupadi by their side, the brothers turn the forests of Khandavaprastha to the beautiful city of Indraprastha. Unfortunately, Arjuna breaks a pact concerning Draupadi, and is exiled from the city. During his exile, he travels across the land. On the way he meets Ulupi, the Naga princess; Chitrangadha, the warrior queen; Lord Krishna’s sister, Subadhra; and the celestial nymph and dancer, Urvashi. These women, who loved Arjuna deeply, tell the tale of his adventures in love and life in Arjuna the Greatest Lover.

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