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Bloody Dreams by Gopinath Lakshmanan – Book Review

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Author: Gopinath Lakshmanan
Publisher: Optimus Engineers

Writing Style


It’s a good light and interesting read that you can count on. A different topic to explore. Especially the way the characters deal with the situations.



It’s book 21 of 2023 for me. I am loving how I am coming across various thought-provoking stories. How each story teaches us something and adds value to our lives.

This is one such story. Story of how God teaches us when we can’t learn even after many warnings. Story of how they prayed for a boy child and the mindset of affluent families during the time of 1991.

Bloody Dreams by Gopinath Lakshmanan is a story of Radha Who was forcefully married to Rajan. Rajan a successful businessman hardly looked towards Radha. Her life was hell until she got pregnant. Her life got a little better when Rajeev came into her life, giving her a purpose to live.

Just like his father treated his mother, Rajeev treated Divya similarly. But this time destiny has some other plans and Rajeev wakes up as a Girl. What happens next? Nobody can recognize him except Divya. Will she help him after everything he did to her?

It’s an intriguing story with a great plot full of twists. The story has layers of the struggles of a woman, a toxic relationship, true friendship, love of art and suppressed dreams. Will Radha and Divya get the love they deserve from their Rajeev?

I loved the way the events were taking place, making it exciting for the readers. The story starts with my hate for Rajan and Rajeev and feeling pity for Radha and Divya. The way the events are sequenced gives us a glimpse of the family who looks good from the outside but is broken. How excess love and money spoil brats like Rajeev and friends like Aditya, Arithri, Bhuvana and Chinmayi gives us a new perspective.

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Interestingly narrated with a crisp descriptive writing style, Bloody Dreams is full of Drama, love, lust and lessons. It’s a bit slow-paced story and at times you’ll be irked by Rajeev’s and Rajan’s attitudes.

Radha’s happiness was short-lived as Rajeev grew up and started spending more time with his father. Radha was hurt and was hopeful someday the Men of the house realises the value of women.

Years passed and Rajeev got the first shock of his life when he lost his best friend. His best friend who always wanted to create something of his own always use to guide Rajeev.

While Rajeev was coping with the loss of his friend and wanted to build something of his own, he met Divya and he fell in love

One could relate to the situations and will see the positive side of the story and feel the pain of the characters. The story picks a real good turn in a few chapters. The characters are well-developed by the author. One could relate to each of the characters and their journey. The author adds moments of laughter in the tough situations and tried to make it light, which impressed me. It’s a great story with an important lesson to learn. Like every story has a tragic ending this one too had a tragic ending. Though I felt the ending was a bit rushed but was a good one. I wished to read Rajan’s reaction for the ending!

Overall it’s a good light and interesting read that you can count on. A different topic to explore. Especially the way the characters deal with the situations.

Definitely recommend for the beginners and for all those who love reading light and deep stories.

I wish the cover could have been more creative

I finished reading this one in a go and the story left me unsettled. It made me think how one’s mindset never changes even after many efforts and sometimes one kick from the universe solves it all.


Rajeev, the protagonist, is determined and has a dream to build his own company, as desired by his friend Aditya. He meets a girl Divya and falls in love. He is a male chauvinist just like his father Rajan, who always dominated his mom Radha throughout her life. Similarly, Rajeev always tries to control Divya’s life. Radha, Rajeev’s mom is an IIT gold medalist in Computer Engineering. She always dreamt of taking over her father’s business empire. But the company was handed over to Rajan after she married him. After marriage, she was never allowed to get out of her home, destroying her dreams, just because she was born as a woman. Divya, a talented classical dancer, teaches dance to dedicated kids for free. She is ambitious and aspires to achieve big in dance. Despite Rajeev’s restrictive approach, whenever possible, she leverages every opportunity to perform in various stages. Even though Rajeev’s relationship is toxic, why she always sticks to him? Rajee is a young beautiful girl, who forms a bridge between Rajeev’s, Divya’s and Radha’s life. Whether she can make Rajeev understand a woman and her dreams?

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