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Interview with Radhika – Author Of Behind The Golden Bars Of Freedom

About The Author


Q) Tell us about the idea behind the book?

Ideas for my books are inspired by daily incidents that I happen to witness, some situations that occur in my life or certain messages I want to convey to readers. I don’t dwell on the ideas for a very long time, but they strike me as I do the daily mundane activities and my writing cells kick into action!

Q) How much time did it take in the process of writing?

For my first book, A Canopy of Carnations, which happens to be a collection of short stories, I took around two months only as I already had the stories that I had been writing since my school days. It required remodeling and corrections to suit the audience of today.

My second book, Contrived Connections was also born when I was college. A rearrangement of certain situations had to be done, as I felt the story line lacked finesse and maturity! I was able to complete the book to my satisfaction in a month’s time.

My third book, Behind the Golden Bars of Freedom is actually totally written from scratch last year. I found the idea flow easy as I intended it to recapture my school days. A little research had to be done as the genre of writing for children was new to

Q) What did the process of writing this book teach you?

I learned the nuances of writing to cater to various audience, how writing can inspire both the reader and the writer…Writing is therapy to me, when I write I feel relaxed and happy. Writing taught me how to express myself and let my feelings flow.

Q) What inspired you to write this book?

I would say that reading inspired me to write from a very early age. Shuffling responsibilities and a change in my career path provided me with the time to bring my writing in book form. My (late) teacher Mrs.Judaline Mendez encouraged me to move ahead. Unfortunately she is not there to celebrate with me now.

Q) Which is your favourite part from the book? Which is your favourite book among all your books?

This is a very difficult question for me to answer! My first book is like my first baby..I always favour writing short stories even though I enjoy reading thrillers, science fiction and novels. My favourite story in my first book would definitely be the last story ‘The Red Rose’. I love every line of it!

Q) A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

I wouldn’t say that any book had an impact on making me write though undoubtedly reading impacted me to write in the first place. I love reading Grisham and Ayn Rand and enjoy the vocabulary and writing style of both authors.

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Q) Tell us about your plans? Planning a new book?

I want to publish my next book of short stories soon. I would like to follow it up with the second in the series of my third book. Yet to start work on both, however.

Q) How your life changed after the book was published?

Actually, I have a doctorate in Mathematics. So I guess the initial reaction was shock! Even people very close to me had not known about this part of me as an author. After reading my first book I got a lot of appreciation from family, friends and my alma mater. In friends and family groups I get recognized as an author also, whereas I used to stand out predominantly as a Math teacher!

Q) What is a literary success for you?

Literary success to me is just the happiness and hope I can instill in the minds of my readers. If my readers feel connected to my stories, find some hope in their lives through my stories and feel relaxed and satisfied after putting the book down..Well, that would be my real success.

Q) A message for all the readers.

Writing is an art, so is reading. A book can give you the highest source of happiness,hope and fulfillment in life. So my message to all my readers is never to give up hope and when you feel down try to immerse yourself into a book you like. The gates of wisdom and peace will open to you!

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