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Book Review of Captain Khadoos by Arjun Hemmady – #BlogChatterA2z Challenge

About the Author:

A full-time Finance Professional, Arjun Hemmady has been interested in writing since an early age. He has written various articles on topics such as driving and sports and the current socio-political scenario in India. The next step in his literary journey was definitely then to write a novel. He published his first novel at the age of 26, titled “You Raise Me Up” in November 2015. When not working, Arjun likes to cook, read, drive and watch movies and sports.


Author: Arjun Hemmady
Publisher: TreeShade Books 

Captain Khadoos by Arjun Hemmady is a story of Suraj, an ordinary boy who gets an opportunity to play cricket. With no Background in cricket, Suraj took some time to enhance his skills, after which he got selected in the cricket team and later played in National Team.
From India and it’s love for cricket, to the world of cricketer the author gave us a glimpse of the life of a Cricketer. From winning every match to losing a match, that pressure a cricketer has, their lifestyle The author explained it all.
The simple language, crisp and lucid writing style of the author makes this book more engaging. One can relate well. What I loved most is the message conveyed by the author.
The author explained the importance of mental health, talks about Depression, failure and how it changes a person’s life. The need to take mental illness seriously, the need for understanding and constant support is wonderfully explained.
The confusion, self-doubts, that made Suraj a short-tempered person from a calm person and how it affected his career. It’s a wonderful book that tells about why It is important to be fit, mentally and physically. Suraj who was so passionate about cricket started losing his game. The author gives us insights into the life of a cricketer. Their schedule, the ups, and downs, everything.
The well-developed characters, the perfect blend of drama and dialogues make this book more interesting. It’s a roller-coaster ride with many twists and turns that will keep the readers engaged throughout.
Overall, A good book with a crisp narration. A Lil slow-paced, Light read. The cover could have been little better.

Who should read this book?

This book is for all cricket lovers, who love reading know about cricketers life, mental health, this book is for you.


Indian cricket is in doldrums. Cricket is no longer the most popular sport in India. Badminton, wrestling, football and boxing have taken the imagination of the youth of the country after India’s spectacular performance at the 2024 Paris Olympics where she won 15 medals.

Cricketers are no longer the celebrities they had been once. With many crucial foreign tours slated for the coming years, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) has a decision to make.

Who will captain the Indian cricket team?

They turn to Suraj Bhatkal, a man who had been away from the game for nearly two years – due to reasons only he knew of.

Will this man, beleaguered by his own demons, be able to lead the team to glory? Or will the strains of captaincy break him?

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