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Book Review of Parallels by V.S Sury

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Author: V.S Sury
Publisher: Notion Press

Concepts / Learnings
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Love reading about spirituality and philosophy? Or want to read something different and intense?
This is the book. Go for it.



Parallels by V.S Sury is a different book, talking about various aspects of the world, the Universe. The author discusses 36 various topics and tells about various energies, theories and more.

I liked how the author related to the things, the scenarios that we face in our daily lives. It took me some more time to connect with the book as it’s a bit difficult and different. The author explained the meanings of various words and their importance. It’s a blend of spirituality and philosophy.

Concepts like Orbits, Opposites Attract, combinations, Breathing, Randomness, the three acts and many more are explained by the author in an intriguing way. This book has depth and so many things to learn.

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It’s a heavy read with a unique writing style. At some point, I was clueless about what was happening in the book. It has no flow. Yes, which makes it difficult for the reader to connect. It’s a different read. There were a few chapters which I really liked, while some, I found it difficult to connect to. Few chapters I read and reread to understand. However we many odds, it’s an interesting book with several lessons. You’ll discover a lot.

Read it one page at a time, understand and execute it. Love reading about spirituality and philosophy? Or want to read something different and intense?
This is the book. Go for it.

About the Book:

The phenomena and events which occur (incessantly) in Nature are countless. But on careful observation, we can notice that some forms of common threads run across different platforms or fields. These fascinating parallels can be found amidst the world of human affairs also, apart from the natural, scientific laws and theories.

Look at how a very large unit (or organization, or organism, or machine) is very conveniently and smartly assembled out of many smaller units. The beauty is that the smaller constituent units work independently and at the same time are also a part of the whole. Take human individuals, and as a parallel (the theme of this book) the physical house in which they dwell. Individuals come together and make families. Families live together and make groups or organizations or societies. They, in turn, combine and grow into states; states join up and become a nation.

All nations, of course, make up the world–whether they like it or not! Physical, purely material entities like houses and possessions run in a parallel stream with those of human ideologies. The same method is employed by Nature in building its vast empire. Fundamental particles join and exist together to make up atoms. Atoms join and make up molecules. Out of the molecules, all of planet Earth is made. Planets and a star join and make a solar system. Millions of them combine and make a galaxy. Billions and trillions of them make a universe – like ours.
There are innumerable such examples in the world we live in.
Go ahead and begin to turn the pages.

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