Book Review: I am not Guilty- Kasab by Harish Sharma

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Hardest Truths are Brilliant.

Author: Harish Sharma
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 3/5



I am Not guilty- Kasab is the story of Shweta a Journalist who is appointed to write a biography of Kasab, a terrorist. It’s a story about her meeting with Kasab. His life story, his journey.

This book has 19 chapters and each chapter has something different. It’s an amazing read, however, might have been more interesting. There aren’t many twists. The plot of the story is simple. you can relate to the story effortlessly. The narration of the tale is crisp however not that Gripping. The pace and the flow of the story are good.

At some places, it felt like the story was dragging. There could have been more drama and some Thrilling Dialogues. The language used by the author is simple. The writing style of the author is Lucid however not that engaging. With each chapter, Kasab’s life journey was getting unfold, how they planned Attack, how was his life as a terrorist.

The climax of the story was good but could have been much better. There had been some typing errors which should be looked after. The characters in the story were strong. Shweta’s character was amazing. She had that strong personality.

Overall, it’s a quick light read. But it could have been more interesting. It’s a book with Crisp narration and simple language.

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I wanted to be arrested, not killed by a bullet. We are thankful for all the Indian television channels’ breaking news support during 26/11. No terrorist attack is possible in India without us or our support. Whether it’s the burning of the Godhra train or Samjhauta express blast; I am guilty of not killing 500 Indians.

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