Book Review: Lost in Love by Arvind Parashar #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

If I had my way with you, I shall turn this day into night, let the sun go behind the moon, let the stars shine bright like never before, let the breeze turn the sound into a love song.

Author: Arvind Parashar
Publishers: Srishti Publishers
Ratings: 3.5/5

SummaryVidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai
Neil had many questions related to his life. Having suffered a total eclipse of the heart, dumped by Arya, he had nowhere to go. He was completely shattered. Till one fine day, when his friend Gauri, who had a crush on Neil ever since her childhood, comes into his life and they begin their journey of love, romance, fantasy and fairy tales.
Not for long, as their world comes crashing with a tragic, life-turning event. This is a heart-wrenching romance thriller that is bound to move you and hit your soul as you take a plunge and get Lost in Love.

‘Lost in Love’ This book is about the teenage love story of Gauri and Neil. I have read each and every book by this author and Liked it. This book is a sweet love story. Gauri who loves Neil from last 7 years and Neil who recently broke up his relationship with Arya. Wil Gauri confess her love, how will their lives change? What all happens when Gauri will go Missing?.

Well to me it was a good read but this book is for teenage lovers. The plot is unique but predictable. One will witness lots of Emotions while reading this book. Love, jealousy, friendship, relationship everything is portrayed very well. This story is about Arya who dump Neil and later she realises her mistake, till then Neil was in a happy relationship with Gauri. The plot starts with Gauri is missing and everyone questions Neil about her. The police investigation has begun. One by one Inspector Dhaya finds the clue and solves the mystery.

I loved the names of characters, they are unique and relatable. As I said the plot is unique but predictable. The pace of the story is too slow, with which I was too bored. The story started well but then it started losing its grip as it was proceeding. The Narration of the story was good, but it was switching from present to past, then again present which was confusing. Also, it was shifting from Arya to Gauri to Neil. One can get disconnect from the story. The language that the author used is simple and Interesting. There’s a good hold on Language. The Tempo is also good as it has Mystery, love, friendship, everything. The climax was something unpredictable. The author made Characters with a strong personality.  I loved Neil’s character and didn’t like Gauri’s character Much. Arya, Itishree, Tom, Dhanya each and everyone had their own importance in the story. Each personality was different. The Narration is too much. Felt like the story is dragged.
But It’s a sweet, light read. I finished it in a go.

Overall, It’s a good read for teenagers. It’s a teenage love story with lots of Mystery. If you like reading Romance, this book is for you.

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  1. zainab

    I’m keen to know why Neil breaks up with Aya. Also, why did Gauri go missing? Looks like a cute tale of romance.

  2. Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

    It is tough juggling timelines as well as point-of-views in a novel and yes, can get confusing. Still, credit to the author for pulling it off.

  3. Neha Tambe

    Romance is a genre that needs a lot of heart while remembering to keep pace. I think the story is interesting but as you said, it seems more relatable to youngsters.

  4. Sitharaam Jayakumar

    It is never too late to enjoy romantic tales. Though I agree that as we age love becomes tempered with a little wisdom and it is a bit difficult to get captivated by the puppy love of teenage.

  5. Tina Basu

    I love romance genre. This seems like a good one.

  6. Rashi Mital

    I’m kind of in between romance and non-fiction genre. I somehow feel not every life has a happy ending. However, I can’t deny that some romance novels are extremely gripping, making you believe in love and that everything at the end falls in place. I’m sure this would have been a great read. :)

  7. Snehal

    I liked the review you have written. Simple language, no pretence and a balanced one..keep it up!

  8. Paresh Godhwani

    I haven’t read any book in romance genre recently and not even planning to read but this looks like a cute love story. It will be interesting to read the childhood love story because in that age only we love truly, latter in our lives, we only make agreements.


  9. Namratha

    Thanks for the review. It was to the point and gave a clear opinion

  10. Geethica

    I like to read romance novels with little mysteries. I also get attached to the character names. It tells a lot about their role in the fiction.

  11. anupriya

    I thrive on romance reads, so i think i am going to put this book in my to be read list. Thanks for the reivew.

  12. Nimmy

    Oh, the times when I used to read love stories…!! Now everything is about kids, kids and only kids!!!

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