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Culture During Crisis by Namrata Kohli – Book Review

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Author: Namrata Kohli
Publisher: Notion Press

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There are many such facts you’ll discover here. It’s a well-researched and well-detailed book you are going to love.



India is rich in culture and now when I see it, people are connecting to their roots again. Be it in terms of sports, language or festivals, each one of carrying the richness of our culture in our own ways.

@namskohli Namrata Kohli’s Culture during crisis is like a reminder for us, a reminder to celebrate what we have with us, the richness of our culture. Here she talks about the depth of our culture and how it’s not reaching the world or capturing the minds and hearts of most Indians.

What truths she mentions here is the vicious and practical, some things only we can change.
Do we celebrate other sports like cricket? Do we know who is in our hockey team? Or can we freely speak our regional languages? Why are we judged based on English? Why do we always opt for western clothes and not sarees?

Namrata here, shares about the Living Heritage, the legacy of languages, how with States you travel in India, Sarees and Jewellery changes, the way we wear them changes. She shares about music, about how India is the land of spirituality and has a heritage city. From Tea to sports to Rituals, Namrata aptly discusses it all.

What I loved most is the interesting and vivid conversations she had with India’s leading luminaries on various aspects of our heritage.

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Crisply narrated, with a bewitching writing style, another thing that I loved about the book is it’s to the point. You’ll find many interesting facts about our country here. Do you know, according to the recent 2011 language census, we have 19500 languages or dialects and there are 121 languages spoken by 10000 or more people in our country.

There are many such facts you’ll discover here. It’s a well-researched and well-detailed book you are going to love.

A perfect book to add to your library and this book can be counted as a coffee table book too. A captivating read you’ll love.


Without roots, a tree cannot survive. And without branches, a tree cannot thrive. A tree’s beauty may lie in its branches, but its strength always lies in its roots. A man without knowledge and appreciation of his heritage is just like a tree without roots.

Cultural capital is the biggest asset of a country like India. Our culture is our brand. It is the gene and lifeblood of this nation. Once we lose that, we lose ourselves and who we are.

Culture during Crisis is a celebration of India’s ancient wisdom, heritage and legacy; in short, it’s a celebration of brand India.

Our time-tested practices helped us during the Coronavirus crisis. Yet even as we realize the importance of culture during a crisis, the fact is that culture itself is in crisis.

Do we want our culture to become some kind of a dinosaur―extinct and unwanted―a relic onto a dusty bookshelf? Or do we want it to be a living, breathing and dynamic entity that organically grows and evolves into a meaningful part of our life? When the past meets the present, only then can we forge the best roadmap for the future.

This beautiful book distils the best learnings from India’s cultural landscape―from the legacy of languages to the beauty of handicrafts, the charm of sari, vintage jewellery to the sound of classical music, the depth of temple architecture, the meaning behind daily rituals, etc. 
With interesting anecdotes and vivid conversations with India’s leading luminaries on different aspects of culture, this book is a warm invitation for change for those settling for inadequate lives, mediocre outcomes and discontentment to be more connected with their roots. A must-read for every Indian and anyone interested in India.

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