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Dori by Vinati Bhola – Book Review

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Author: Vinati Bhola
Publisher: Independently published

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It’s a refreshing, comforting read. A book that will leave you with a feeling of heaviness and a smile on your face.



Well for me it’s to smile and strive in the situations, to deal with calmness and patience.

I always go to poetry when I feel low and yesterday was one such day. I went to read Dori by Vinati Bhola and trust me all I felt was why didn’t I read this book earlier. It’s that beautiful.

Dori means thread in English. One thing that ties all of us together is Hurt. We all are hurting in some or the other way and one thing that binds us all together is Hope.

•trust the new vibe.
let it pour itself onto you.•

Just like a process of thread-making, Vinati too makes this book interesting by dividing the book into three chapters.

The first chapter is about ‘Cleaning’ and the poems here will help us declutter our insides by getting rid of the things that do not belong there anymore.

The next one is about ‘Combing’. The poems here will guide you in combing out tangled knots,placing the chaotic strands in a the straight line that is free from all kinds of knots.

And the third one is about ‘Spinning’ that will nudge you to pay attention to the present moment.

Sounds interesting right? Dive into the world of emotions with Vinati. She expresses it all beautifully. Her words are powerful and hit the right chord. The poems are just mindblowing. The way she describes pain and healing is something that makes me go to this book again and again.

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One could feel her words and can relate to the situation. Her words are soothing, calm, powerful and inspiring! All at once.

The way she captures the essence of emotions and binds them in words is something I loved about the book the most.

With every poem Vinati surprises the readers. The poems are deep and eclectic! Another thing that I loved most is the way she added bullets in between chapters. That was the best part of the book.

She shares the simple moments of life delightfully. The moments of joy, calmness and craziness! She reminds the reader to have hope, to love themself a lil big more and to believe that things change when you start accepting. Just like the process of cleaning, combing and spinning, our life changes when we trust the universe, when we trust ourselves and let go.

It’s one of the best reads of 2022! If you love reading poetry, do not skip this one.

It’s a refreshing, comforting read. A book that will leave you with a feeling of heaviness and a smile on your face.

• let’s comb, brush and align our pieces together. let’s work on untangling our knotted souls that are waiting to breathe freely.•


Dori is the second collection of poems published by Vinati Bhola who is an internationally acclaimed author of the book Udaari. Dori is a belief that we are stitched with the same thread of the same fabric despite being hyphenated by many differences. It is a belief that at every stage of life we go through a whole gamut of emotions which – if we start sifting through – would bring to light a process similar to that of thread-making. While there are many stages to this beautiful process, what really caught the interest of the author, are the three simple steps: Cleaning, Combing and Spinning. Dori is divided into these three chapters and each chapter will hold your hand and walk you through poems crafted carefully to fit into their individual themes. The word Dori in Hindi means ‘thread’.

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