Down the Memory lane.

Down the Memory lane.

Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hai … ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Well, today is father’s day and I was searching my favourite picture with dad that got deleted from my phone which turned out to be a Task. 2 Hours of switching folders, searching, I didn’t found it.

But then, those two hours bought so many memories back. It had me, my past, my parent, my loved ones, my haters and a lot more.

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I always had an interest in reading Zodiacs and I am still crazy, reading more and more about GEMINI. I found all the screenshots of my readings, facts and a lot more.

I found meanings of all the 8 Tattoos that I have. I knew their meanings but then, that moment when I decided to ink them was written in those screenshots. 

I was nostalgic looking at the pictures from school and college. How time changed, but one thing that remained constant is I still have them all. From sitting on the bus carrier to my first scuba dive To my first cheers, I relived all the moments once again.

One thing, that remained constant over time is my love for screenshots. Be it a small thank you or appreciation or chats that I instantly fell in love with, I capture them all. I relived the chats with my crush to the person I love, those ‘ first pictures together’ with friends, I relived it all.

The chats when friends said I am there for you, to the chats where someone connected to the poem I wrote. I have them all. I glanced at all the quotes I loved back then, and how I still fell in love with them today, once again. Those Facebook name tests to various articles, highlighting my favourite lines, and reading them once again. I lived it again.

Fancy words never fascinated me, I love simplicity, those simple words that tell a story, that’s what I found in the pattern of screenshots.

Well, I also lived the phase of depression. When I was not Okay but Okay, I lived that again. The quotes that I kept with me that time, that hope, that sadness, that fire, what kept me going, the chats, that assurance, I have it all. I have everything that made me feel sad, that made me feel happy.

The time when people pulled me down, the time when they said they are with me, but they never were, the time when I was on their target, the time when no one said, I feel you, I feel what you are going through. The time when no one took a stand for me, the time when I use to write in my notes, about how certain incidents had an impact on me, how it shook my confidence, How I had to fight. I have it all.

How quotes always motivated me, how they said it right expressing how I am feeling. It is because of quotes that I got back my confidence, I found the right words to express. That motivation I needed at that time was found in those quotes.

Well, looking back, I really loved, how things are, how I am. It has been a long journey of love and hate relationship with life.

with these pictures, I made many groups active today, reliving all those memories again.

Though, I was not able to find the picture I needed.


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  1. Rita Rana

    We all feel the same when we go down the memory lane, you summed up this feeling beautifully, having a bad experience is always good then only we can come out as a better person. ❤️?

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