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They Are the Reason to Hold

The one to scold
one to make me Bold
and The reason
I love My family Alot
In the Time of worries
They present there in Hurry
though We Fight Alot
I love My family Alot
There’s A Bond and a tight knot
Helping in my pranks When I get Cought
Always For me they Fought
Yeah.I love my family Alot
From Late Night Talks
To Bdae Celebration And walks
From Fun in Train to Enjoying the Rains
From Games To Fames
From Parties To Function
Travelling Junctions To Junctions
there’s Love For me In Lump sum
The Knot is tight
Together We Fight
Trust is alot
and I love my Family Alot
The word Matters alot to me
Like Big Fat Indian Families Shown in Movies,I too Have a Big Fat Family
Where there are fights,mischief,Trust and most importantly LOVE.
Yes,Together we stand.From every big occasion to small happiness.
Always There in sorrows and ready to Borrow my stuffs.

We Cousins-

Without whom my life is incomplete.Always There for me in my Pranks and in Making me in Trouble too.The parties,Fun we do,No one can
Yummy Food is all I Enjoy in our Big Family.Everyone with different speciality prepares and when we all get together all we do is AKRAMAN :P on Food
The cherry on Cake is elders-The taste of Food Made by them is amazing.No one can compare.
Lucky To have Such a Wonderful Family and Proud of It
Having Big Families You know What Sharing Is ! and Caring IS
LOVE all.
Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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