Happy ending- Accept And apologise

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2015 coming to an end,people are posting everywhere about how it changed them, what they learned But first let’s tell thank you to each one of them who contributed to make this year a wonderful for you, to them who taught you, to them who made you smile, to them who made your chapter of 2015 worth reading

Apologies are accepted Smiles are always respected Let world be full of joy What matters is every moment you enjoy

No one knows what new chapter unfolds Who’s hand will be there to hold Let there be positive change Let every relation have its own essence

There will be new beginnings There will be sad endings Make sure you love that story Before it ends adore its glory

This end, be it happy one Apologies to everyone Keep your love same Lets restart the new game In 2016 lets welcome new change

People may change,people may leave make sure you be the same for them everytime. Apologise for your mistakes, say sorry, say thankyou because at the end what matters is how you make others smile, how you bring change in someone’s life, and how you spread love everywhere you go!

Leave your lil essence of love everywhere you go And learn to love without expectations

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    Well said…simple but accurate…

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    Great website! It looks very expert! Maintain the great job!

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