I hope you celebrate little Joys of life – #blogchattera2z #atozchallenge

Trust the timings of your life.

Dear Sunshine

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I hope you celebrate little Joys of life.

Don’t forget to celebrate the little joys of life in the hurry of growing. Don’t forget to find joy in the happiness you witness around you. Hope you give yourself a vacation, hope you do what you love, hope you be there for that very moment.

Sunshine, Give yourself time, Trust the timings of life.

Slow down a bit, stay there, capture the moment and feel the happiness. Do not let any moment get wasted. Enjoy sunshine, Celebrate.

I hope you Celebrate every small achievement of yours, celebrate that smile when your kids jump out of joy because you gave them chocolates. Celebrate the happiness of a stranger whom you helped. Or when you made your mom’s favourite food.

Celebrate the lil joys sunshine, they will make some best memories which you’ll cherish for life.

Stay there for a while and count your blessings. You’re lucky to be surrounded by the people you love. You are lucky that you’re enjoying what you’re doing. Sunshine, Smile! Don’t waste any moment in sadness.

Don’t hustle too hard that you ignore the happiness around you. Hustle hard along with celebrating. Get up, Take a break for yourself, spend time with your parents, play games with your cousins, Go for a trip with your friends.


Life is not always about growing professionally, Life is Much, much more than that. It’s about growing personally too.

Sunshine, I hope you smiled today, I hope you had a beautiful day, I hope you celebrated the joy :)

— Love.

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  1. Aditi Kapur

    Another impressive letter, loved it!

  2. Kaddu

    Such a beautiful thought. Yes, we should never get so busy with the worries of life that we fail to notice all the happiness and love and joy that surrounds us every moment of every day!
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  3. Ritecontent

    Beautiful and thoughtful lines. Surely we should take time to develop personally. Thanks Vidhya!
    Please do visit my blog and comment. Thanks!

  4. Rashmi

    A beautiful post indeed. These are the little joys which fill our hearts with love. Take pride in this and keep enjoying the life’s small moments.

  5. Amrita Basu (Misra)

    A lovely letter.Growing personally is always my goal too!

    1. vidhya thakkar

      yess! Thank youuu

  6. Deepika

    Beautiful lines from a beautiful soul.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thankkk youu

  7. Sonia Chatterjee

    Beautiful letter. Indeed it is so important to relish the joy and happiness around and not just focus on growth in terms of work, money etc.

  8. Vartika

    Loving your letters in the series

  9. Hackytips

    Celebrating little joys is a wonderful thought. We shouldn’t lose track of ourselves in the race of money and other things.

  10. Jeanine Byers

    Love this encouragement!! And it goes nicely with a series of posts I am am adding to next week’s posts. We are thinking alike about slowing down and enjoying simple pleasures.

  11. Ujjwal mishra

    Small happy moments celebrated well makes a wonderful life. Rather than only chasing big goals we must celebrate small moments too.

  12. Siddhi

    This is beautiful!

    1. vidhya thakkar

      thank youuu

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