Ignoring ? does it help ?

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People say Ignore the one you love who don’t love you back. People say ignore people, Ignore memories, Ignore,ignore, ignore everything about them. but does it really help? does ignoring vanish away all the memories? Does it end their relation? or does it affect their relation?

We get little hurt from a person and we start ignoring that person and not solve the misunderstanding, had fight with your loved once ignore them and expect that they will come to you back ! No they come because they love you, nothing for them is bigger then You, that’s the reason they come back. 
Ignoring after heartbreak ! worst part of life ! Do we really ignore them ? We don’t want back that’s why we ignore? or we don’t want to show that we still care for them that’s why we ignore? We never know answers for all these questions. Do that love remains inn Ignorance? or that regret remains?

But the fact is we can never Ignore our loved once, though we ignore them but deep inside it kills us. It kills and you miss their memories. Yes, you pretend to ignore them, but at the end it’s you who break down.

Things fall in place at times, sometimes we know ignoring is only way to get situation perfect. it is only way for your loved ones happiness. After some time we even start loving that ignorance for our loved ones

” She wanted to love you all her life,
But life rolled fast like dice,
it just became once,
after that all she received was your Ignorance”

You feel that she’s really ignoring you. that she have really moved on. But once look at her. try to know her, her condition, ask yourself  whether she really moved on? Well, answer will always be No.
No one can ever ignore their loved once. No matter how much you try but you can’t. Past Scars still remains and it will remain for lifetime..is this ignorance  for happiness of your loved ones! 

still the Question remains ! ignorance does it help to be apart for your loved once or it just mess up all the situations ?
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