You are currently viewing Interview with Abhaya Gupta – Author of The Incredible Indian Luxury Bazaar

Interview with Abhaya Gupta – Author of The Incredible Indian Luxury Bazaar

Abhaya Gupta is the author of the book The Incredible Indian Luxury Bazaar.

Book Review of The Incredible Indian Luxury Bazaar by Abhaya Gupta

Interview –

1. Why this genre? If you have to write in some other genre what that would be?

As a luxury professional, industry observer, analyst and academician, it only made sense for me to deep dive into the mystical Indian Luxury paradox. While India has been a tradition and craft rich country, somehow, none of our brands, products or even philosophy seem to set global standards. Most international brands wish to target India as a market – most Indians want to indulge in global luxury products, but there is a mysticism surrounding the same. This book is an attempt to solve some of the riddles and dispel certain haziness around the same.

The next genre that I will continue my research and or writing around is going to base around the Indian origin craft based brands. Tremendous work is being done by some of the traditional Indian Luxury brands, but somehow they have not yet been given their due credits. My endeavor is going to be to focus around them and bring them to global center stage.  

2. Tell us about the idea behind the book?

The idea behind this book is to develop and suggest solutions facing any international brand wanting to enter India and or any Indian start up or otherwise wanting to position itself as luxury. Having faced similar challenges in my journey as a luxury professional, it only made sense for me to document the same so that future managers did not face similar issues. The book takes the reader through not only historical facts about luxury and India, but also tries to analyse and project the likely rise of luxury business in India. It also educates them about the variety of consumers to expect, the challenges to be faced with regards to legalities & regulatory frame works, consumer mind sets as well as lack of talent. Finally, it also suggests a success model that could be adopted by brands to ensure a fruitful and viable journey in India. 

3. How much time it took in the process of writing?

Perhaps a period of 3 to 6 months. 

4. What did the process of writing this book taught you?

I attended a formal book writing boot camp which helped me clear my thoughts and make a structure. I realised that writing a book is no different than any other management process. The deeper is the structure and the knowledge creation sequence, the easier it is to process, prioritise and structure the content into a logical and useful flow. 

5. What inspired you to write this book?

As I mentioned before, the challenges I faced in my long years of professional journey, and the fact that there is no proper documented work around the luxury brands, market and consumers in India, I saw the need as well as the opportunity. As a acknowledged luxury expert, it only made sense for me to make this freely available to the industry, my students and public at large. Today, I am proud to see many colleges and brands adopt this book as a guide to teaching or learning about the luxury market in India. 

6. 5 books one must read in lifetime

Well I would perhaps l list them as The Bhagwad Geeta; The Ramayana; The world is flat; Fountainhead; and Who moved my Cheese. 

7. A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

None really. I do not read too many books but keep myself informed through a series of trade journals; research reports; blogs and management reviews. 

8. Tell us about your publishing journey in 5 words.

I wish the publishing world was a little more professional and organised better.

 9. A quote, para from the book that inspires you?

“Luxury is here to stay and relive its past glory. Glory that existed in the Indian heritage is being fuelled by a dynamic India, thriving, pulsating and breath taking, as luxury entwines its way back into an incredible India”

 10. Tell us about your future plans? Planning a new book?

Yes perhaps. I would now like to focus around a book on Indian Luxury Brands. 

11. What is literary success for you?

If the content shared makes life easier for its readers who could range from a brand to a start-up or student or even an academic institution, I would feel that my book is successful.

12. A message for all the readers .

A great opportunity lies in the Indian Luxury market. As incomes rise, generations change, awareness increases and consumption speeds up on the one way street to luxury, grabbing a mind share of the audience is of absolute importance. The market may seem complex and challenging but the opportunity is large. It makes sense to understand the market and make a move into it.

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