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Interview with Rekha Bhagtani – Author of 52 Pips.

Rekha Bhagtani is an Author of book 52 Pips. It’s a collection of 52 beautiful poems.

About the Author:

REKHA BHAGTANI, an M. Com (in Accounting and Finance) with her unadvocated love and penchant for law and literature, is a voracious reader and an aspiring writer. Alongside her several academic achievements, she has along the path, while being a housewife, cherished the burning desire of pursuing her dreams of writing and kindled it to the maximum of her potentiality. The splay of emotions, and the light banter of new, out-of-the-box methods of writing depicted through her poems give a refreshing new outlook to the messages conveyed through them. They shall strike a deep chord and play upon the minds of her readers for a long time. Each of her 52 renditions in this first published work of hers is poignant yet powerful.


1: Tell us about the idea behind the book?

It started off with the bunch of poems I had been writing ever since. Reading as well as creative writing has been my forte. One day . as I sat writing I realized poems , even though having a niche genre of their own , somewhere continue to have less audience Pan India compared to the rest of the world where poetry is dearly read , sought and appreciated. That is when came the idea of creating this book of poems WITH A DIFFERENCE i.e. with additional explanatory bits of prose as well as imagery to share my vantage and compel and convert even the non readers to active readers with the power of my words.

2. Your favourite part from the book?

There are many but to name a few The silent Striver, I Plead Her Guilty, The Promises are some of my most dear ones.

 3 How much time did it take in the process of writing?

It took almost 6 months to compile it completely, some pieces having been written some time back.

4 What did the process of writing this book teach you?

It taught me the finer lines. Writing a book is one thing . Getting it published, outreaching it to your audience successfully and putting across your message whilst creating waves are the next steps. A book is literally a life cycle and There is only something to gain and learn every single day even after you have finished writing it. It makes you a better person, more resourceful and insightful in life. Those are great takeaways right from the start.

5 What inspired you to write this book?

Like I mentioned earlier, Converting the entire mass audience from potential to actual poetry readers has been my motto and I aspire to do so by my explanatory, visual-based approach at poetry.

6 5 books one must read in a lifetime

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne ( for its sheer, beautiful insight into the power of positive manifestation)

Harry Potter series ( too many snippets of life teachings rolled in them !)

Little Women by Louisa M Alcott (because this one is so close to life that it is highly and deeply relatable)

A brief history of time by Stephen Hawking( because no knowledge is complete without this one !!)

How to win friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (because none can survive without great knowledge of interpersonal skills)

7 A book that has had an impact on you that helped you in writing this one?

There are many great poets but I had come across a compilation of World’s %0 greatest Poems which was a collector’s edition. It contained some of the finest works of the Literary giants of all times such as Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Sarojini Naidu ji, Robert Frost. This one made me pursue the idea that, Yes, a book can have a random plethora of ideas and emotions too, they can be versatile and need not all be of the same nature or in a typical flow to write a series of poems. It can be a compilation of your deepest Thoughts and a portrayal of your fine ideas.

8 Tell us about your Publishing journey in 5 words?

Enlightening, educating, inspiring, fun and Larger than life.

9 Tell us about your plans. Planning a new book?

Indeed, as I am now basking in the love, success bestowed upon me by my readers for 52 Pips, I am striving to do even better than before. My second book which I am currently working on, is fiction, but of a new type, I daresay. It is something, I promise, my readers will enjoy reading and also give a prime place in their hearts to the characters I have created in the same. It’s gonna be one roller coaster story. Promising it’s huge!!!

10 What is literary Success for you?

Definitely, getting acknowledged by your reader community, being acclaimed is a vital part. But for me, what is most important is giving back a takeaway from any piece of work I create to my end reader in the form of a good thought, some pivotal emotion to mull upon, a life change etc. If I am able to achieve that with every single person who comes across my work and reads it, that is success in its true essence for me aka getting my end message across deeply to my audiences.

11 A message for all the readers

Never stop Living, Do not give up on your dreams. Remember, there is just no perfect time to pursue what you have been aspiring for. The moment u decide to do so is the PERFECT MOMENT for doing so. Chase your dreams with so much gusto that they have no choice but to come to u fulfilled. Spread Wonder and Magic through your words and deeds.

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