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Interview with Amruta – Author of Dissidents of Perfection

About The Author

Amruta is 13 years old and ‘Dissidents of Perfection’ is Amruta’s debut novel. Amruta completed work on ‘Dissidents of Perfection’ when she was 10 years old. She has planned to donate 100% of royalties to the Jane Goodall Institute for the conservation of wildlife and the environment. Amruta is planning to donate 100% of the proceeds from her royalty towards the Jane Goodall Foundation. She has published shorter works such as poems and short stories since she was 4. She is a voracious reader and loves writing. Some of her work has been published by Stone Soup and her short story has been a finalist at the Young Inklings book contest. Recently, the prestigious trade review ‘Kirkus Review’ gave Amruta’s book a critical recommendation, a distinction typically granted to just 25% of the indie books they review. “A sophisticated and imaginative adventure, with a sweet touch of youthful innocence.” Kirkus Review

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1: Tell us about the idea behind the book.

I wanted to do something that combined my love for writing and my feelings on animal rights, so I started writing the book. It was a really fun way to express my thoughts.

2: How much time did it take in the process of writing? Your favorite part of the book?

Writing the book took about a year. 

3: What did the process of writing this book teach you?

I learned a lot more about animal rights through this book, and I think (hope!) that my dialogue writing has improved because of it. I also learned to reduce my procrastination and learned how to work productively without a deadline as I can easily get diverted without one.

4: What inspired you to write this book?

I started writing this book when the Covid-19 pandemic started and I wanted to find a way to funnel all the restless energy I had then. I also wanted a way to express my feelings on animal rights, and the book felt like the perfect solution.

5: Which is your favorite part from the book?

I think the conversations between Amber (my main character) and Mikayla Muskrat (one of the leaders of the Animal Realm) are my favorite parts. The way they squabble and plan things together makes me laugh. They were definitely the most fun to write.

6: A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

I think the book Animal Farm had the largest impact on me and this book. My book has similar themes, such as the oppressed becoming the oppressor, but it is resolved in a different way. However, Animal Farm was more about humans oppressing other humans, and I think mine focuses more on animal rights.

7: Tell us about your plans. Planning a new book?

So far, I have just been writing short stories, but I hope to write a new book soon!

8: How your life change after the book was published?

I don’t think my life has changed that much, but it’s definitely a source of joy for me.

9: What is a literary success for you?

I think a literary success for me would be for kids my age to enjoy reading my stories and for them to see themselves in my characters. The biggest gift of writing is seeing other people enjoy it. I have also pledged to donate 100% of my profits to the Jane Goodall Foundation to help animals, so if I raise enough money to make a difference, I will be truly happy.

10: A message for all the readers.

I really hope you enjoy reading my book, and I hope you see yourself in Amber, or any one of my characters!

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