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Interview with Dhanashree Bhatkal – Author Of Money – What’s Left What’s Right : By the Accidental Millionaire

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About The Author

Mumbai-based Dhanashree Bhatkal is a Finance Professional and a Serial Entrepreneur, who has been Training Businesses and Coaching Individuals to find Financial Freedom. With 20 years of Professional experience, she Co-founded “A Money Tree” ~ a boutique Firm that is dedicated to transforming the Financial Lives of Clients. She calls herself an Accidental Millionaire but an Intentional Entrepreneur.

She is an FCA [Chartered Accountant] and holds an MBA, along with a Masters in English Literature! Her brand 91safeindia was awarded the Best Emerging Company Award in 2020 by the Indian Achievers Forum.

Dhanashree is a celebrated Author and authored a book titled ‘Money – What’s Left What’s Right’ which hit the markets in October 2022, and is steadily inching towards a bestseller mark.

Dhanashree spends a lot of her time in Social Projects close to her heart. She has been an avid Reader, Writer, Language Enthusiast & Photographer. In her free time you can find her trying out Musical Instruments, Reading, Traveling or Binging on Movies. Her Favourite Spots are Innsbruck (Austria) & Niagara Falls (USA). Her Dream Travel is a Road trip to Ladakh (India). Her all-time Favourite Movie is Notting Hill.


Mumbai-based Dhanashree Bhatkal is a Finance Professional and a Serial Entrepreneur, who has been Training Businesses and Coaching Individuals to find Financial Freedom. She is an FCA [Chartered Accountant] and MBA [Human Resource Development], along with a Masters in English Literature. Her brand was awarded the Best Emerging Company Award in 2020 by the Indian Achievers Forum. She calls herself an Accidental Millionaire but an Intentional Entrepreneur

Book Synopsis

MONEY ~ What’s Left What’s Right, is a Money Management Toolkit designed to be a light read, It brings about the blend of two essential components of Financial Freedom.

One Section is dedicated to the Money Mindset work which is often ignored by sceptics. The other Section serves as a detailed step by step guide in planning your financial freedom thresholds, and understanding various ways to get there.

The book leaves the reader with tools and skills to use in life in the years to come. It runs on the belief that balance is the most important factor when we make long haul goals.

The book can serve as a guide for individuals looking at transforming their financial realities to create a new financial position for themselves. Those that are willing to go the extra mile to do whatever it takes, to get closer to their Dream life.

The author takes the reader through the first part, working on the mental blocks one by one and demolishing the mindset challenges that come in the way. In the second half the reader is acquainted with the concepts of finance, and how to create a strong and agile Money Management System. This one is a great Toolkit which the reader might want to repeatedly go back to and work with.

It might be a great investment if you are serious about changing your Financial Story for Good. The book sticks to facts, worksheets and real-life examples making it an interesting read. It is not preachy in its approach and is more a firstperson conversation the author seeks to have with the reader. The author uses a lot of autobiographical content to share and put across many of the concepts and processes that she mentions in the book. It brings together 20 years of the Author’s entrepreneurial journey and more importantly 40 years of her ‘entitled’ life journey. Her being an accidental millionaire and intentional entrepreneur brings both sides of the spectrum to the table, which is evident in the book.

The follow-on activities include a long-term hand holding plan for readers, in the form of personal tools, free resources, AMA sessions and Webinars. Moving to advanced focused Workshops and Mastermind Retreats.


Tell us about the idea behind the book?

The idea behind writing this book is encapsulate all my lessons on money management. I bring to the table all the lessons from my learning curve as a business coach and as an accidental millionaire. As a Coach & Consultant I have a limited outreach that I can do. The book I believe can reach out to people out and beyond, and might be catalyst to changing the financial realities of many more people than I can personally reach out to, It’s also a more affordable option for many. It comes in a very simplified format and requires no knowledge of finance or the likes to be able to use it optimally.

The Book discusses the left and right brain aspects of money management. Put in the shortest possible way, it aims at enabling the reader to bring about a balance of both the practical, logical and the more thinking part of the brain on one hand, and the creative, emotional and mindset part on the other. Various processes, worksheets and work along concepts in both these parts of the book enable the reader to unearth and process memories, stories, beliefs and emotions around money. The other part works on building a practical money management system that focuses on the individual needs of a person.

Q) How much time did it take in the process of writing?

I have been writing on various subjects, and my regular written pieces have surely crept into parts of the book as well. But as a project, this book took me about 45 days for the first manuscript and then several rounds of editing to get it finished.

Q) What did the process of writing this book teach you?

Like in the Coaching or Advising that we do at my firm too, I believe every project where we work on transforming the reality of others, brings a transformation for ourselves. I say that about every client or coachee or mentee that we work with.

This book too has done exactly that. It has helped me to crystallise and sort of formulate solutions in a more lucid, articulate and measurable manner than ever before.

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Q) Lessons you learned in your journey?

I think I have learnt many many lessons. If I had to pick the top three they would be: (1) To put across complicated concepts in the most simplified manner possible. (2) To be able to step back and be more generic in my approach so that I can help a larger audience than I could with my work so far. (3) The sheer gratification of having put out there in the world a creation for posterity and the sense of joy it brings. Its irreplaceable.

Q) What is more important in life other than money?

Money is a catalyst, a tool, it can transform your life fully. Having said that, there are several things more important than money. Perhaps. But why ask that question at all. Health. Love. Relationships. Self Love. Family. Money. They all have a place in our Life. And I think it is easily possible to have it all!

Q) How can one make life easier and better?

Money may or may not excite everyone, but unfortunately the lack of money disturbs everyone. Ofcourse we might have different goals and benchmarks, but knowing how much is just right for us, and working towards those goals can be a great start. Balance is the key to an easier and better life I think.

Q) What inspired you to write this book?

I have been writing since I was in school. And Money has been the subject matter of my work and social conversations for the longest time. So I think the blend of these two was a natural progression for me. I also dedicate the book to my mom whom I lost three years ago. I think writing is a passion I get from her, and it just seemed like a book was the best way to commemorate her.

Q) Which is your favourite part from the book?

I think there are several parts that I think have turned out well and hold the possibility of bringing about transformation. I specifically like the chapter “Are you Dimming your Light?” which is a subtle knock on our sub conscious mind to see where and how we are keeping ourselves small by choice.

The other is the Case Studies at the end. I believe true stories and real-life anecdotes hold the power of truth within them, to bring about change.

Q) A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

Several. I have read more than 3000 books so far, mainly non-fiction. Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, Lucky Bitch by Denis Duffield Thomas, Blink of Malcolm Gladwell and Awaken the Giant within by Anthony Robbins are a few that come to the top of my mind.

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Q) Tell us about your plans? Planning a new book?

We have a line up of Live Webinar Workshops starting January 2023.

Titled The Money Magnet Series,

Webinar #1 ‘Healing Money Memories’ from 6th to 8th January 2023 is a

Six-hour compact capsule to get started on the Money Journey with me.

Each month I will be running a Webinar Workshop around a different aspect of Money Mindset and Money management.

I want to make 2023 a year of Transformation for our community. My team and I are really excited about this.

And taking forward the vision of financial education, we are pricing these at an early bird special price of just INR 99/-

Yes, I also have my next Book in the process. It is too early to even talk about it. But the concept I am working around is largely to go deeper into the Money Mindset work with a more indepth set of worksheets, and opening up more direct engagement with me through our online community too.

Q) How your life changed after the book was published?

Its been less than two months to the release, I am getting fan mail, calls and messages and mails telling me about pieces they like from the book and how it helped them. A recent message I got was of someone who was about to tie the knot and actually did the Money Honeymoon and discovered so many things about their partner and vice versa. She expressed gratitude that it came to her in good time.

Another shared how the Money Memories chapter opened up a floodgate of memories for him. How he was able to identify how his guilt was playing up due to certain memories he had. These are difficult changes to make. It doesn’t come from only reading a book. It must have a compelling desire for change within too.

Q) What is a literary success for you?

Every reader who reaches out. On social media, on texting, on email or simply leaves a review on amazon and shares what they got from it, their story of transformation that is the best form of literary success for me. It is only the beginning and right now I am only savouring whatever is coming my way. The press coverage, and official reviews that are appreciating my work is ofcourse a reward for the work I have been doing. Not only during the writing of this book, but also over the last two decades. I look forward to participate in literary festivals and book fairs and get a glimpse of the literary world on the inside.

Q) A message for all the readers.

12 months can transform your life. A year of commitment and creating disciplined habits can turn around your life, including your financial reality. If there is something you want to change – money, relationships, health, self-love, make the start now. Get a copy of the book, read, do the worksheets, join our community, sign up for my free tools and attend our upcoming webinars. I am working on a transformational 2023 to build a community of tomorrow’s millionaires. Happy, Healthy, Joyous Millionaires that in turn work on Transforming the World!

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