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Sita’s Kitchen by Raghav Khanna – Book Review

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Author: Raghav Khanna
Publisher: Rupa Publications India

Writing Style


An inspiring read with an amazing plot and crisp writing style. A different, easygoing read.



• It’s not in our hands, where our life begins, but with self-belief and perseverance, we can try taking it where we want to.•

Right from the cover, to the story, I fell in love with the book. ( @raghavkhanna24 ) Raghav Khanna weaves a beautiful tale of a chef, around food, struggles, hope and dreams.

Ben visited India for the first time, on his way to Kinnaur with his boss Arun. Lil did he know, he is going to stay in India for a long time when they stopped at The Midway Cafe.

Arun, the owner of a leading Italian restaurant in London is stunned by finding a perfect Italian food in a small cafe on the highway. And he ended up tasting almost every dish at the Midway Cafe.

Narrated from Ben and Sita’s perspective, it has an amazing storyline with an intriguing plot. Right from the start, Raghav keeps the readers engaged throughout with his gripping writing style.

His words will make the readers curious about what Arun is up to, about Ben’s situation and Sita’s Dilemma. A fast-paced story with a smooth flow of words.

I loved how Raghav beautifully blended the themes of love, hope, dreams and friendship with lots of drama. The equation Ben and Sita shared.

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The story gets more exciting as it proceeds. Arun recognises Sita’s talent and convinces her to move to London. Lil did she know, her life is going to change forever.

London brings new challenges and opportunities for Sita. I loved the way the author described her struggles and her spirit to learn, the people she met and the bond she shared with them.

The characters are well sketched by the author. Khan Chacha’s character is one of the best characters, even Ben’s character I liked the most. One could relate to each of them.

Remember, you cannot get everything in life together, you have to strive and have patience at the same time. Sita’s journey is one such journey. With a beautiful cover and an unexpected climax, it’s a light, fresh, delightful read that you will enjoy.

An inspiring read with an amazing plot and crisp writing style. A different, easygoing read.

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