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The Wanderers 3.0 : The Ice In The Tower by Sarthak Rathi – Book Review

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Author: Sarthak Rathi
Publisher: Notion Press

Writing Style




“The Wanderers 3.O” by Sarthak Rathi is an exciting and adventurous novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey through space and different planets. It’s the 3rd book in the series and The story revolves around Anu, Pari, Yash, and Sarthak, who are constantly being attacked by different groups, causing them to relocate frequently while they plan to enjoy their time on Earth. Sarthak takes the readers on an adventure as the characters attempt to unravel the mystery behind the attacks.

What’s the mystery behind these attacks? What happens next?

With vivid descriptions and an intriguing plot, Sarthak takes readers on a thrilling adventure with these four captivating characters. The narrative flows smoothly, and the events are well-crafted, making readers curious about how the characters will handle each situation is engaging and will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

The writing style of the author is enthralling and to the point. The story picks up well after a few chapters, making it an exciting ride for the readers.

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The characters are strong and well-developed, making it easy for the readers to connect with them. Each of them had a unique and interesting personality, be it Pari, Yash, or Anu. I particularly enjoyed Anu and Yash’s characters. I loved the way events unfolded and the bond between the characters.

It’s a smooth-paced and entertaining story, with intriguing events that surprise the readers with the way the characters handle the situations during battles. The way they react and their actions are power-packed and exciting. Although the climax felt a bit rushed, it was surprising and satisfying. The author tries to keep it light and interesting.

Overall, “The Wanderers 3.O” by Sarthak Rathi is an enthralling space adventure, filled with vivid descriptions and well-developed characters. Sarthak deserves commendation for crafting such a fantastic story. Looking for a light sci-fi and fantasy read? This is surely the one.



After managing to stop Soundleek Hanginton for the umpteenth time, we’re in places where we’re getting attacked by different people.

From the Marsians to a ridiculously large tower on a planet with comically-lanky-people to, of course, Soundleek Hanginton, we’re getting thrown around like ragdolls. 

Are we ever gonna get out of this bottomless hellhole?

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