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Turiya – The Fourth by Pranav Krishna – Book Review

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Author: Pranav Krishna
Publisher: Notion Press

Writing Style


The Chronicles of Accession Turiya is a brilliant and interesting read, particularly for those who enjoy reading mysteries. The book is worth the experience, and the reader is sure to be left satisfied with the plot, characters, and writing style.



• every thought is different and varying from individual to individual.•

Shakti Yantra needs to be protected and only a special clan called Abhirakshak can do that. Vedic Science Professor Omkareshwar Shashtri is giving his last speech today and is tense because the Big day and the time has come. He discusses his state of mind with his dear friend Ghanshyam Das and gives him a big responsibility. Chaitanya Shastri receives a weird message related to his father and is worried for him. A masked man enters Shashtri’s residence secretly and is waiting to finish his work. A few moments later, Omkareshwar Shahtri is lying on a deathbed with a message for Chaitanya. Was he murdered? What about the message he had? The time has come for?

Chronicles of Accession Turiya- the fourth by Pranav is an exciting and adventurous read that takes the readers on a mysterious quest to activate and save the Shakti Yantra. It’s no less than a rollercoaster ride, with mysterious events happening together. Someone else is also trying to reach Yantra and Chaitanya has to find his way to reach there first, he has people to guide him. Who will reach first? Can he decode the secret path?

The plot of the story is interesting, with a detailed and descriptive narrative making the readers curious and invested. The way the events take place is exciting, with the plot shift from present to past, giving readers the background of the mystery.

The story also delves into the history of the Abhirakshak clan and the dedication of the Shastri family to protect the Yantra over three generations. It has shlokas and lessons from the Bhagavad Gita and Vedic literature, adding a spiritual element to the story. I loved how the author explains the meaning and significance of each symbol and shlok, making it easy for readers to understand the process of becoming an Abhirakshak and saving the Yantra.

The author’s writing style is gripping and captivating, taking readers on a mysterious quest. I love the way the events were taking place and the way Pranav describes them. The story has an element of excitement and suspense, with many events happening simultaneously at different places, aligning with the plot and keeping the readers engaged.

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It’s a fast-paced story with well-sketched characters, making it easy for readers to relate to the situations and emotions of the characters. One could relate to Chaitanya’s situation and emotions, how he had to keep aside his emotions and work on decoding the Path and saving the Yantra as the time has come and he had to act. I liked Sambhavi’s character too, her personality and her knowledge and love for astrology, and how she helped Chaitanya decode the path, while sharing the meaning and significance of the signs adding an extra layer of depth to the story.

Although the book can be a bit heavy to read at times due to plot shifts, dates, and timelines to follow, it is worth the experience. The last few chapters are particularly compelling as the mystery unfolds, leading to an unexpected and eventful climax.

Do not forget to check the last few pages with reference maps and images that give us a clear picture. It would have been more easier for readers to connect if the pictures were added within chapters.

Overall, The Chronicles of Accession Turiya is a brilliant and interesting read, particularly for those who enjoy reading mysteries. The book is worth the experience, and the reader is sure to be left satisfied with the plot, characters, and writing style.


The cosmic centre of the universe – Mount Kailasha, and the full moon night of Sheetkaleen Aayanaat that happens once in decades sets the premise of the events that come into play.

Inspired by the Bhagwad Gita and Vedic Literatures, the novel Turiya  –  The  Fourth is a story about a clan led by a mystic called Abhirakshak (possessor of the mighty powers). They are a secret group disguised in the real world. One of them is a renowned professor who designs an intricate maze to protect Shakti Yantra, an alien instrument that gives superhuman powers to its possessor, and an ancient book of secrets about universal occult powers, from the evil powers of the darkness.

Accession of the Shakti Yantra to become Abhirakshak can only be done at a specific geographical location, within a precise astrological timeframe. It requires a man to sustain his meditative self in the fourth state of mind called Turiya to experience and control highly unsettling powers of the Yantra. In this chase many incredible, lethal weapons and cosmic powers come into play.

Will the good prevail over the evil? Can the evil master be stopped in his tracks from gaining access over the mighty Shakti Yantra? What cost will be paid to fight the battle of survival for humanity? Answers to these riddles lie in this book that unravels an incredible tale of mysteries and events in the game of power accession.

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