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Book Review of Until The Music Stops By Naimish Shrivastava

Author: Naimish Shrivastava
Publisher: Bigfoot Publications



It’s a perfect blend of mystery, thriller and love. The writing is very crisp and engaging with strong character development.



Until The Music Stops by Naimish Shrivastava is an interesting book that will make you think. It’s a story of Grace and Siddharth, a happy family whose life changes after a party where they meet Amir. Why is Grace uncomfortable in Amir’s presence?. Why is she feeling alone? Read this amazing book that will answer all your questions.

A Psycho-thriller book with an intriguing narration is all you need. It’s a short book with a wonderful plot filled with twists. I loved the story-line of the book. I liked the sequence of the book, the way the story unfolds, with an unpredictable climax, though at times I got confused with all the things going on. There was a sudden rush in the story which made it a bit difficult.

The crisp and engaging writing style of the author, the strong characters developed by the author with lots of drama is commendable. It’s a perfect blend of mystery, thriller and Love. I wished the story was lil more sorted and not the hurried one. Not to forget an impressive cover and blurb makes this book more special.
Overall, it’s a short and engaging read.

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He is not crazy for her.
He is just crazy.

It is impossible not to like Grace Malhotra—she loves her family, her friends, and she does everything right. All she wants is a normal life. But she makes one mistake: She thinks everyone is as nice as her. And Amir Malik makes her pay for it. He starts tormenting her again. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse that leaves Grace questioning everything she knows, including her sanity. The cracks in her relationship with her husband begin to show. Will they be able to get through this together? Will she be able to get away from Amir alive?

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