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What to post when you have nothing to post? #Myfriendalexa

There comes a time when you have nothing to post, what will you post when you have nothing to post?

After working on so many ideas, brainstorming a lot Isn’t it a struggle? to create something new every day? Here are some hacks that I use when I have nothing to post.

1: It’s okay to take a day off:

If you’re someone who feels like taking off a day from social media then this is the day. It’s okay to take a day off when you have nothing to post. take a break and enjoy the hot cup of coffee! Just relax!

2: Post your picture:

sometimes it’s good to post your picture! yes, if you are someone who doesn’t post your pictures regularly, this is the day! post your picture, interact with your followers.

3: Old pictures come to your rescue:

Yes, Remember the time when you took pictures from different angles? This is the day when they’ll come to your rescue. Yes, use a picture that you clicked days before.

4: Plants can cheer you up!

Yes, you can use plants in a picture to add something different to your feed. You can combine plants with books, a cup of coffee and add a picture. Trust me it works!

5: Shelfie day:

This day off can be your Shelfie day. Yes, Show off your shelf or home decore. Because that colourful sight is beautiful.

6: Show your collection or journal:

Yes, if you are someone who loves collecting things, it’s the day to show your collection. Show your collection, Journal, or talk about your daily routine. It’s something your followers are interested in.

7: A quote a day keeps negativity away:

Yes, A quote a day will keep negativity away. You can add your favourite quote, lines from a book that you liked.

Want to add something? Do add in comments. Add your ideas now!

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  1. Nazish Kondkari

    Amazing tips to relax and yeah! It’s okay to not post something and get away from screens. Be it even blogging. There is no harm. One should take a break every once in a while.
    Also, reading can also help and then sharing the experience how reading helped to overcome the issue or which book you read and how was it.

  2. MeenalSonal

    In these Alexa campaign days, your post comes as a rescuer. With many festivals lined up one can write on upcoming festivals too.

  3. Mrs. Sunshine

    Nice tips for my rescue when I struggle with creating posts. Thanks for sharing this. #MyFriendAlexa #CloudandSunshineReads

  4. Disha

    I like the advice to take the day off and to keep old pictures handy. Helpful tips for all bloggers. 🙂

  5. sharon

    Thank you! I was down and your post was the right solution to my problem.

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