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When You Have Reasons To Go Home

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While returning home
A thought came across
I remembered I did not have any calls or messages,
I remembered I did not vent out today,
Did not share how my day was.
I remembered things have now changed
And I did not get your call.

A flash of memories made me smile
I remembered, How I became calm
After sharing with you,
The tit bits of life.

Things changed
Life changed,
Memories still hurt
But I am healing.

A flash on phone bought me back,
There was a smile and a reason to be home
No darling, it wasn’t him,
It was my Hero,
Dad as usual called me
And I had a happy day end.

Now I am better
Shield by fam and friends
Grateful for every small thing
I now greet opportunities and hurdles with smile
I know I will never be alone with my parents by my side.

The train journey ended,
I saw my hero standing there
Dad was there
To get me home.

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  1. Matheikal

    A fortress of security makes all the difference!

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