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A Salesperson’s honeymoon by Avinash Kunchurkar : Book Review

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Author: Avinash Kunchurkar Publisher: Notion Press



Divided into 2 parts, This book is all you need when it comes to managing sales, balancing your work life and personal life.

The first part is all about finding a new path. It’s a story of Chris and Joe. Chris who’s the star performer of the company and Joe who is striving hard to balance.

It’s about the things Joe learned from Chris and how his life changed when he implemented everything Chris shared.

The second part tells us about the sales curve that Chris discovered. His journey. I loved the second part of the book more. 

It’s a light and informative read. I liked the way the author kept the reader hooked throughout with graphs and insights. It covers some important points regarding businesses which will be helpful to each one of us. 

The narration is smooth and up to the point. The way the author explained the concept is commendable. The writing style of the author is crisp and lucid. I liked how the author crisply shared vital information without making it heavy for the readers. Each chapter will teach you something.

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I loved the SalesMoonCurve formula explained by the author. It is very helpful if we apply to our lives. What is Salesmooncurve? how it can change one’s life? Well, the author did a great job while explaining this vital information in the form of an interesting story.

The author presented the reality, the practical experiences which all of us face in our day to day life. The case studies shared by the author again gives the reader a different perspective. 

The cover and the title of the book again made me pick this book. An engaging and a light read.

Who Should read this book?

Want to change the way you work? Want to have work and personal life balanced? this book is for each one of us.

This book is for all of us, entrepreneurs, leaders and salesperson who wants to change the way they work.

A wonderful read.

About the Book

Q1: Have you found a way to work less and still produce magnificent results?

Q2: Are you able to balance both your work-life and your personal-life?

Q3: Do you believe that firing customers can help you grow your sales?

This book will help you answer “YES” to all of the questions above. SalesMoonCurve will change how you approach your sales and your business forever!

SalesMoonCurve gives crystal clear picture of where exactly to ‘sniper’ focus our efforts to maximise our sales. It works in all aspects of business be it cash flow, inventory, sales, and more.

– Samkit Jain, Business owner of a $5M Company

This book provides clear directions in getting your work-life and personal-life back in order. It shows you a whole new dimension of your work, having infinite possibilities. I highly recommend this book.

– Nagaraj P, Area Sales Manager, Kennametal India

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