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Featuring The Breathing Bowl & Pastel Edge – #Myfriendalexa

It’s the second post for #myfriendalexa and I am totally enjoying reading all the posts. It’s time to get Vocal about the Local and here I am with two interesting businesses that I discovered on Instagram

With changing trends, the trend in gifting industry is also changing, agree? Personalized gifting is now an option we all mostly prefer.

Here are the two amazing accounts that I loved when it comes to gifting and Home decor.

The first one is:

The Breathing Bowl

The passionate plant lovers who are trying to bring small dream world together in a Bowl. Yes, isn’t it a unique gifting option or to add in your favourite corner? Based on different themes, the passionate plant lovers are truly making a different with their amazing work.

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Source: Thebreathingbowl Instagram

With a variety of plants and the creativity, it’s one of my favourite brand. Their unique themes and work reflects their hardwork and makes are lil corner more beautiful.

From Radha Krishna theme to Tropical forest look, they have it all.

The idea is to preserve nature and narrate personal positive story in the bowl.

By Decorating Live plants we want to reach out to all type and age group people and want them to Connect with Mother Nature..

We accentuate the beauty of Plant by decorating with Natural pebbles and miniature… Each Bowl that we create depicts a story or a theme

How we started 

This lockdown was a tragic experience for everyone but it also gave us a gift of time.

We call it our Lockdown Baby

Earlier we were caught up in our lives so much that our hobbies were only kept till Pinterest. We were no different. 

Hear from the Founders:

I (Harpreet Thakker) and my Husband (Varun Thakker) we both are very fond of plants and our Pinterest is full of it. After exhausting all the recipes in the kitchen during lockdown, my husband and I tried our R&D in gardening and made this beautiful , low maintenance and meaningful pot. 

We gifted it to our family on Rakshabandhan and the amount of appreciation was shocking. Within a week we were approached by many people for this unique idea and thus Our passion turned into a new venture ‘The Breathing Bowl’. 

Each and every bowl that we make has a very positive feelings,,an emotions and above that we love to see people caring for the plant…

We have made more than 60 Breathing bowl in past 3 months and aim to promote this product with more creative approach.

Also in future, we would be love to teach this art which can help and motivate a lot of people to preserve mother nature.

Check their work Here:

Pastel Edge

Thet have a wide range of exclusive desk accessories to match your palette! Yes, Get some amazing Greeting Cards, Bookmarks, Notecards that will bring a smile on your face.

Source – Pastel Edge Instagram

Yes, an exclusive range of cards, bookmarks and notecards with interesting colours and concepts, Pastel Edge is your one-stop-shop for aesthetic desk accessories and quirky gifts.

They have a wide range of exclusive and collective desk accessories to enhance your lifestyle. The products are perfect to add a blast of colour and style to your room and a definite smile on the ones receiving the gifts.

Check their work here:

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  1. Dixita

    I am a plant parent and book lover both so I am going to check their site for adding amazing collection to my home

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    I think you have chosen a wonderful theme for this season of #MyFriendAlexa. Indian small businesses need all the boost they can get right now. I especially like the desk accessories and will definitely browse through, and perhaps order, something from their collection.

  3. Jayanthi

    The breathing bowl and pastel edge look amazing – even I feel like buying it…

  4. Debidutta Mohanty

    I loved the breathing bowl concept and name it’s definitely going to cheer up a corner of the house. Now we have more such corners dedicated to each member of the house. Will surely check them out.

  5. Neha Sharma

    Yes, I agree with you about being vocal for the local. These two accounts look interesting. I will surely check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nupur

    Love this. Thanks for introducing the Breathing bowl… their themes look really perfect. I know a few friends and family who would definitely be happy to receive a personalised plant gift like this ????????


    Surely going to buy The breathing bowl and pastel edge

  8. Ashvini Naik

    This is a wonderful addition, Vidhya. Beautiful.

  9. Vashi Baloria

    I loved the two gifting pages ; especially the plant one; The Breathing Bowl; for im a crazy plant lady.
    And yes i have pledged to only support locL business & go sustainable ; so i think its useful . Thank you.

  10. Seema Bardeskar

    It’s definitely high time to get local and I loved both your recommendations for gifting. The breathing bowl with Buddha looks so calm and serene to have over your table and the bookmark also looks so beautiful with its phases. Heading iver to their Insta pages now.

  11. Hansa Kajaria

    That’s a great post which aims at helping small business. I really loved the breathing bowl and I was anyways looks for something nice to gift someone and you have given me an awesome idea.

  12. Arulmozhi N

    The products are so beautiful that anyone would want one at their homes

  13. Haimanti Bhattacharjee

    Wow beautiful gifting ideas… Thanks for letting us know about them… The breathing bowl will be perfect for the reading corner… Hope one day we can all Go Local and help the small businesses which require them the most!

  14. Shweta Suresh

    Those are really innovative ideas. I loved Pastel edge in particular. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  15. Akanksha Singh

    I have a special place in my heart for bookmarks.. I will definitely check Pastel edge.

  16. Judy Morris

    wow this concept of making breathing bowls is fabulous and sounds a must have ‘coz I am a plant lover myself.

  17. Anecdotes of Mom Life

    I like having plants inside the home and the little bowls of nature seem wonderful. Both these startups need to encouraged to promote local products.

  18. Madhu

    You are doing excellent promoting small businesses. I really liked The Breathing Bowl’s collection. Looking forward to more from the series.

  19. Manisha Garg

    This is a great concept I actually checked the products and they are really nice.

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