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JaratKaru by Dr. Priya Dandage – Book Review

Author: Dr. Priya Dandage
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

Writing Style


JaratKaru is an unputdownable read that is highly recommended for anyone who loves reading Indian history.



•Expectations are not very good. It makes you show some dreams.•

Well, I have seen this story somewhere and when I came across this book, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it and I finished it in one sitting.

JaratKaru By @dr.priya.dandage is a story of a Princess who saved the Naga Clan. The Naga King Vasuki was helpless when Parikshit’s Son Janmejaya swore to kill the nagas from Aryawarta and take revenge of his Father’s death from Takshaka who poised King Parikshit.

Nagas were fighting, saving their clan and Jaratkaru was their only hope to put this war to an end. Jaratkaru, known for her sacrifices for other’s happiness, takes a decision for her clan and fulfills her duty as a Princess. How will she help Vasuki? What is the purpose of her life?

Dr Priya’s “JaratKaru” is a captivating tale of love, relationships, sacrifice, and hope with a vivid narrative and interesting plot. With two parallel stories of Takshaka, who lost everything when Arjuna burned down Khandav Van, and Vasuki, the Naga King who was trying to save his kingdom, the author skillfully portrays their emotions and struggles. One could feel the pain of Takshaka’s loss and his desire for revenge and Vasuki’s helplessness as he tries to save his kingdom. Dr Priya masterfully weaves together these two stories, creating a tale that is both intense and interesting.

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With a descriptive narrative and an interesting Plot, the author keeps the readers invested in. I liked how she narrates the backstory of each character, making it more relatable.
The writing style of the author is engrossing and to the point, making readers curious about the story and the events that were taking place. Here the author celebrates the bond of Brother and sister.

The characters are well developed by the author, particularly Jaratkaru’s character. She is a strong and interestingly portrayed character whose journey, emotions, and thoughts are relatable to readers. Vasuki’s character is also well-sketched, and the bond he shares with Jaratkaru is beautifully described.

It’s well-detailed and well-structured, with a smooth-paced narrative, making the readers curious about the events taking place. The shifting plots at times may break the flow of the story, but the author manages to keep the readers hooked throughout till the end.

The story is filled with rich details about Indian history and sacrifices that portray the brave character of Jaratkaru and the choices she makes. The last few chapters of the book are particularly exciting, and the events are turned out brilliantly.

Overall, JaratKaru is an unputdownable read that is highly recommended for anyone who loves reading Indian history. Dr Priya’s engaging writing style and descriptive narrative make the story both relatable and fascinating. The book is a good, fulfilling read.


“Arjuna burned down Khandav Vana. Naga King Takshaka lost everything into that inferno. Takshaka vowed to take revenge. After thirty years he succeeded in poisoning King Parikshit… grandson of Arjuna. Parikshit’s son King Janmejaya swore to kill all the Nagas from Aryawarta. It was the beginning of the Sarpsatra…first genocide of Aryawarta. Naga King Vasuki was helpless. His sister Princess Jaratkaru came forward to save her clan… She sacrificed her dreams for her people…”

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