Looking Down the Memory lane sunshine, The Decade

Looking Down the Memory lane sunshine, The Decade

Sunshine, let's talk about the journey till here today, The 2019, A Learning year.

It was the year I started writing Letters to you.  Well, it happened, so suddenly, where I decided to start writing to you. 
Sunshine, That year, I learned alot. I learned to trust that broken trust. Yes, there will be times where you just can’t let go things, You need to be there smiling, even when things are wrong.
Sunshine, Learn to trust yourself, everything that you do, that’s what will take you ahead, no matter what they say. Trust your intuitions, they’re never wrong.
That year, I learned to Love sunshine, I learned to love myself, keep myself first. I tried everything that I loved. From lettering to Painting to Blackout poetry, I tried it was all.
Remember Sunshine,  You are the one who will decide for yourself and no one else, Take back your power. Don’t let them control you. One more thing sunshine, sometimes you’ll fall, you’ll find it hard to trust, at that time sunshine, Just stay calm and trust the Universe.
That Year, I learned, sometimes it’s okay to express yourself, there are some who understands what’s on your mind, rather than expressing on social media anonymously. I earned Friends Sunshine, Some real treasure for life. Be it online friends, or a long-distance friend, I know they will be there forever.
Sunshine, It was a year full of Learning. Yes, there were many milestones which shaped my career, Well, one more thing sunshine, Keep your eyes towards Sky and feet on the ground. Sunshine, be proud of who you are and what you did, but then Keep learning, keep trying for more.
‘Do What you love, or Love what you do’ What would you choose, Sunshine? (To all those reading this).
I would choose the second one, to love what I do, To give my 100% to everything. Sunshine, remember one of my favourite Quote? The goal isn’t to be liked, It’s to be respected.
One last thing that I want you to learn is to forgive Sunshine, forgive everyone, everything that hurts you. Sunshine, forgive yourself too, for all the mistakes you made. Remember, it made you stronger. Just Keep Learning, keep growing sunshine, we have come this far, I hope this journey continues.
Here’s to another Decade!
The Decade has been?
Amazing 100%

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  1. Really Loved the Line “Do What you Love or Love what you do” Nice heart touching post

  2. An excellent welcome post for the decade to come. The main takeaway from this post is in the last paragraph. To forgive even those who hurt you and yourself too when you hurt yourself. A post with a very philosophical bent. An encouraging take.

  3. I think It depends I choose according to the situations. Sometimes I prefer to do only those things which I love to do and Sometimes I love the things which I am doing right now. For me, both have equal weightage. Loved reading your Sunshine post after Blogchatter.

    1. hehe Yeess!!!

  4. What a beautiful post with some amazing life lessons. I loved the quote, The goal isn’t to be liked, It’s to be respected. Its so true. Loved reading this post. 🙂

  5. Do what you love or love what you do, either way is happiness to me. A wonderful post and a nice reminder about forgiveness. For me forgiveness is important because it sets me free. Thank you for writing such a bright post. All the best for 2020

    1. yesss! Thankk you soo much

  6. A heart warming post of all the things we need to keep reminding ourselves of…
    Forgiving those who hurt us is hard, but it is more for ourselves (and our peace of mind) than for others.

    Let’s hope we all succeed in sticking to these. Or else we can always come back to your post and remind ourselves again 😉

    Thanks & cheers!

    1. Yesssss

  7. So beautiful!! When you do what love or love what you do you learn to love yourself in turn and that is what you learnt. All the best for the next decade.

    1. yess wish you the same

  8. Such an open and heartfelt letter! Loved it. I’m doing what I love (to an extent) and trying to love what I do, so it’s a fine balance for now. One day, hopefully, I can do what I love (not just writing but indulge in all my hobbies).
    Your Sunshine post made the day shine brighter. 🙂

    1. hehe thankk uu

  9. Written so beautifully. The line “sometimes it ok to express yourself” resonates with me as I find it difficult to do the same. Loved reading it and more joy to you.

    1. binggooo

  10. Forgiveness I feel is a very great gift.No point carrying hatred and malice against anyone inside you. Lovely post Vidya…good to read ur letter to Sunshine again after Blogchatter.

    1. thhnnkkuuu

  11. A post right from your heart Sunshine to reflect on life with post is a treat to oneself as such 😊

    1. thankkk uuu

  12. this is bright as sunshine and brings positivity like a rising sun. u ask to do what you love or love what you do – well for me it’s the latter… enjoying every second of life gives fulfillment… and we should not waste cribbing about the things we have to do (owing to any circumstances) and love everything we do..after all zindagi na milegi dobara.. 🙂

  13. Reading you for the first time and it is awesome. Letter full of valuable insights and life values. Loved it.💐

    1. thankk you so much!! keep reading 🙂

  14. This post is like a ray of Sunshine!!
    Full of positive thoughts and motivational lines!
    May the decade bring all of us peace and happiness. 😊

    1. thannkkk youuuu

  15. This letter to sunshine is filled with inspiration and motivation that is indeed important for the coming decade. The world needs that right now! Cheers

    1. thankk youuu

  16. Ah sunshine, while reading your post I realized how much of sunshine I had missed after A2Z 2019.
    “Do what you love or love what you do.” I won’t choose from this but do both. I love writing so I blog, and life made me choose being a doctor …and I love being one.

    1. awwww

  17. The post is full of positivity..Loved the way you wrote about forgiveness…It is very important to forgive to heal ourselves..Your words left me brimming with love and strength..

    1. thankk youu

      1. 😊

  18. Hi Vidhya!! I loved the way you showed us To keep clam and trust the Universe. I am doing it currently. And yes, I also loved you talked about forgiveness. It’s a big word, isn’t it? I think it will take a full decade for me to learn this act of forgiveness. Thanks for your letters. 🙂 I wish you luck, sunshine! 🙂

  19. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Vidya. This was a heartwarming read.

  20. I would prefer ‘Do What you love’. Sometimes it turns complicated but I love challenges.
    To be happy I think you have to do something you not only enjoy, but love. You have to be able to say, after you do that “wow, that’s pretty cool and I loved doing”. For me it is not just a quote or status update on social media, it is a way of life.

    1. Yayyyyy!!!

  21. Hi Vidhya. I’m reading you now after Blogchatter. That moNth you gave us some very positive notes and you do it again here. I like how you address everything to sunshine and also the lessons you share. Most of all the one on forgiveness.

    1. Thank You so much! I will make sure I keep writing them

  22. Such a lovely, positive post–I especially liked the part about forgiveness, because that has been my lesson, too.

    1. Thankk you so muchhh

  23. I do remember your posts from A to Z challenge where you wrote some beautiful letters. So, smile on Sunshine. There’s nothing you can’t achieve in this decade. 🙂

    1. hehe thankkk youuu!!

  24. So many life lessons packed in such an insightful post by you Vidhya. Your experienced and balanced writing shows.

    1. Thankk you

  25. This read like a gentle breeze. Keep learning, loving and writing. Cheers!

    1. Thankk you

  26. I really enjoyed the life lessons that you have listed down. Forgiveness is an important virtue and trusting is another. I feel very motivated after reading this blog! Best wishes for your future !

    1. Hehe thank you

  27. Amazing ! Memories presented beautifully. Be the way you are and keep doing things you love. Let every year be the year of learnings.

    1. Thnkkuuuu

  28. I read all your letters to the Sunshine, those were very much motivational and full of positivity.
    “Do what you love ,or love what you do”…both are so much necessary.

    1. Thank you

  29. I always liked your relationship with sunshine, all your letters to her were just so amazing and heartfelt. Good luck with your wishlist for times to come.

  30. I always liked your relationship with sunshine, all your letters to her were just so amazing and heartfelt. Good luck with your wishlist for times to come.

    1. Thankk youuu

  31. That was a great read Sunshine . It’s best to love what you do . It always brings positive results . I liked when you suggested to avoid expressing yourself on social media . Best wishes to you

    1. Thnkkuu

  32. So beautifully you conveyed your innermost thoughts. An open-hearted warm letter which is touching as well as inspiring. loved it!

  33. Very positive post. I see similar elements as the ones I’ve mentioned in my book as well – so resonates with me. Wish you an amazing decade ahead!

  34. Loved it. Some major takeaways there. Particularly ‘Do what you love or love what you do”. Why not both? Wishing you the best of everything!

  35. Some amazing tips to lead a beautiful life:)
    “Do what you want to do and give 100% to it”
    Loved reading!

  36. This is a refreshing take on the concept Vidhya. Poignant and reflective👍🏽

  37. Learning, yes be it a decade or century learning should never stop.
    Your post is filled with positivity, learning & gratitude.

  38. “Do what you love or Love what you do” – very interesting question that made me think – I think I would definitely choose the former… 🙂

  39. Love what you do or do what you livey.
    This is so true.
    Love this metaphorical representation, “Sunshine.”

    Very simple thought which is poignant and straight from the heart and to all..
    Cheers Vidhya

  40. Love what you do or do what you livey.
    This is so true.
    Love this metaphorical representation, “Sunshine.”

    Very simple thought which is poignant and straight from the heart and to all..
    Cheers Vidhya

  41. One line for it – motivational. Well penned. Good experience shared. Best wishes .

  42. So much positivity and loads of life lessons in this one post! Loving what we do and doing what we love is something many people don’t understand. I would do with depending on what I’m doing.

  43. Just as you said in your blog, you have to take control of your life, I have started taking control of my life. Trust me that one small decision brought such a huge difference in my life, in my attitude about people.

    also to forgive people, sometimes it is tough to do so, but I realised that once you forgive a person, your mind is less burdensome. Such a lovely post for the sunshine…

  44. Happy to meet you again Sunshine, always love your calm and cool way of writing Vidhya, and that’s too with very simple and soothing words. Best part I like the most, very well said by you is “the goal isn’t to be liked, It’s to be respected.“ Many wishes for coming decades.

  45. Forgive yourself

    That’s my key takeaway from this post. Sometimes we hold ourselves to very high standards and cannot accept when we go wrong or fail to live up to our own expectations

  46. “The goal isn’t to be liked, It’s to be respected”

    This is one of the most powerful lines I’ve ever read. Trailblazers and leaders are seldom liked, but always respected.
    Anger and resentment makes us feel righteous in the moment. But no good comes of it in the long run. Thank you for reminding us to let go and forgive.

    Happy 2020 and happy writing <3

  47. The goal you mentioned is my motto as well . A warm welcome to next decade .

  48. Writing letters! Wow! What a way to start the decade! And ending it in a positive note too!

  49. The biggest lessons we can learn in life are to forgive those who hurt us and to trust ourselves above everything. Your post is a lovely reminder for both.

  50. What a Bright and Positive post!!! There were so many thoughts that I agreed to. Do things what you love. Forgive everyone including oneself. Never losing hope. We know all this but tend to forget it as we entangle ourselves in the web of life. We forget that these basic tools only can keep our life tangle-free and enjoyable.

  51. Such a positive and heartwarming post with so many positive emotions. loved the last msg..indeed it is very important thing to develop a forgive attitude for whom who hurt us. wish you lots of success and happiness in new year and new decade.

  52. I loved the positivity. An absolutely bright approach to loving your self and fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. The term ‘Sunshine’ and the context in which it’s used was simply amazing.

  53. What a dose of positivity and cheer! And so many important life lessons so beautifully presented. Learn to take back the power. Love yourself first. Forgive. Beautifully captures the essence of love and hope. Brilliant1

  54. Loved the way you have come up with this sunshine post with important life lessons that helps to grow and shine. My take away from this post is the quote which says “The goal isn’t to be liked but to be respected.

  55. Loved the way you have come up with this sunshine post with important life lessons that helps to grow and shine. My take away from this post is the quote which says “The goal isn’t to be liked but to be respected.

  56. A heart felt post… so so true, had to re-read to capture each word, each phrase, each emotion. Forgive is my takeaway… One of the most difficult things to do.

  57. So beautiful Vidhya. I remember reading your letters to Sunshine and this welcome to decade does have that soul. Forgiving is work on self for our own zen and peace, and that is a big achievement in many aspects of life.

  58. One learning from your post that I also believe is ‘ Keep your eyes towards Sky and feet on the ground ‘. So true and apt. As you move ahead in life and career, be grounded to the ground and remember your roots.

  59. A heartfelt post, I found it really cute. You have conveyed some profound thoughts through this beautiful write up!

  60. While going through your post I just kept repeating so true and I totally agree with you. Truly! Wish you an amazing next decade.

  61. Such a refreshing and heart touching post it is. Love what you do or do what you love. In my case, I love what I am doing in my life. A way to have positiveness in my life

  62. “Do WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO”. The day people start living this line for real, the world will surely get a little better and happier. The positivity in your article reflects at every bit.

  63. What a beautiful and inspiring post, Sunshine. May you keep spreading brightness and smiles with your heartwarming letters in the coming years too.

  64. Another one of your gems in the Sunshine Series. A very inspirational one. To love what you do. I think I am going to teach my kids to do just that.

  65. Learn. Trust. Forgive. These are the essential takeaways that I have from your blog. All three very difficult to achieve. Learning is difficult because of my own ego! Trusting is difficult because of the past baggage. Forgiving is difficult because the soul is yet unhealed! I have my task cut out! Respect and Gratitude! – Rohit Verma

  66. Amazing write up and love the way of representation, “Sunshine”. My best wishes to you in the upcoming decade.

  67. Loved the sunshiny post and the phrase “take back your power”. Wishing you a great decade ahead!

  68. It was lovely to read such a positive post Vidhya. My favourite line is the one about being respected instead of merely being liked. So true. Keep up the good work!

  69. This is such a lovely and heartwarming post full of positivity. This is something which I can read to myself every day as a reminder to hold on to trust, to love oneself, to keep learning and to practice forgiveness. Loved reading your post, Vidhya. All the very best for the new decade!

  70. Firstly, I might look a little selfish replying to your quote by saying that I would rather do something that I love than loving what I do, but I’ve tried living my life for others for a long time now and now its time to live it for myself. Surely your decade looked vivid with all the sunshine, but most importantly it was heartwarming. More power to you.
    — rightpurchasing

  71. Wonderful. This letter has every bit of inspiration with so much of positivity.

  72. Loved reading your chats to the Sunshine, very much motivational and full of positivity. keep the spirits high by writing more of such inspiring posts. Kest wishes!!

  73. Nice one Vidhya 🙂 Keep doing what you love to do. Glad you participated, Happy to have sunshine on board 🙂

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