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Mad Moments – Absence, Anger and Abundance – #Blogchattera2z

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Hello Sunshine,

It’s been a long I wrote to you and here I got another opportunity to write to you. Today I will be writing about Mad Moments sunshine. It will be the rawest and most honest version here sunshine.

Life has been tough, sunshine and I am trying to cope with the situations sunshine. I am getting used to the absence of the person I loved the most, the person that matters the most in life. I am learning to be okay with his absence, I am trying to control my anger and trust the universe sunshine. Sometimes, I wish to go back and correct my mistakes, make things right, Now I realize things are out of my hands. One thing I learned in this process was to trust the universe.

No matter how much we try to fulfill our dream, crave for the love, nothing will work against gods will sunshine. There will be moments of happiness and sadness, sunshine, Just embrace them.

There’s a saying in Gujarati
ના જાણ્યું,જાનકીનાથે કાલે સવારે શું થવાનું
Even Lord Rama didn’t know what would happen next. The day he was told to visit the forest for Vanvas.

Sometimes all we can do is trust the plans universe has for us. We never know what can happen next moment, all we can do is trust.

Who knew the next day,
We would part our ways,
Who knew while preparing to be with each other forever,
The universe was preparing us to live without each other.

It’s difficult for us
But we will sail through it
For a better future
For a better us.

Nobody knew the fearless lady had her own scars,
The one who knew was now so far.
Far away from her castle,
Yet near her in her memories forever.

There’s a flutter in her stomach,
Every time her phone beeps,
Hoping for a miracle,
Realizing that she can’t go against destiny’s plans.

Gathering all the shattered pieces
One by one
She knew she had no choice
But now to run.

For her dreams
To make a reality,
She knew she don’t have space for love now.

Who made her happy was gone
Who made her sad was gone
The castle she built is still there
In her memories of love.

She had to get up
Build another castle.
It’s taking time
Maybe she can’t run now.

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  1. Tomichan Matheikal

    Building another castle is the ideal solution. But not castle in the air.

    Thought-provoking lines.

  2. Neerja Bhatnagar

    Heart touching! This is the stage of life, where He tells us, who is the boss. And we have to follow.

  3. Sadvika Kylash

    May be she cant run now. May be she would stand up a little more strong! Love your poem.

  4. Manali Desai

    She had to get up
    Build another castle.
    It’s taking time
    Maybe she can’t run now.

    Great lines. Nicely written.

  5. Sanjuna

    Love your post.similar situation happening everywhere around us even in my life am also facing exactly what you were saying so I can relate myself with her. We have to be more strong on these days. Woman should not accept the defeat and they have to fight for things that letting her down and stay ahead and shine

  6. richa

    beautiful and motivated poem

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