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More Than Mostly Happy by Rajivi Rao – Book Review

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Author: Rajivi Rao
Publisher: Highbrow Scribes Publications

Writing Style


A well-written and engaging book that offers valuable insights and practical tools for achieving happiness and personal growth.  It’s a book with important reminders for life and is a treasure.



Signs from the Universe!

Do you believe the universe sends us signals? Signals that guide us through life? These subtle signs from the Universe help us journey through life and heal us.

“What comes to you is a reflection of your internal state.” – more than mostly happy.

More than mostly happy by Rajivi Rao

Sometimes life can deeply wound us. It is then that we need healing. And sometimes we need the calm healing hands of our daily life to make us whole.

How do you heal? I ask that because everyone heals in different ways.

Long walks, writing in my journal, and music are my healing agents..

This book, Book 76 of 2023, was therapeutic for me. Yes, some books come to us in the most unexpected ways, and this book too came to me during the time I was fighting my own battles.

I took my own little time to savour this book. This special book is something you just can’t read and keep it aside. The magic inside it pulls you to it every day. Open a page randomly and you will find the answers you were seeking.

That’s what this book did to me and I couldn’t thank the author enough for this book which became my guiding light. There are many reasons to love this book and one of the reason is the way it is curated. 

Rajivi Rao in her book “ More than mostly happy” candidly shares her journey where she learns, heals and grows through the situations she faced in life. She shares the healing hacks, the HAPPYness tool kit which is my favourite, meditation exercises and everything that has helped her. The tools are easy and doable and build a healthy relationship with ourselves.

While she shares her worries and difficulties, she shares with readers the lessons she learned throughout this journey. What makes this book different for me is the raw and honest narrative. Yes, you’ll feel like you are talking to a friend while you read. She pours out everything she feels without any filters making it more relatable for the readers.

She teaches us important lessons like setting boundaries, having a healthy relationship with ourselves, working on ourselves more and protecting our space. She shares how we can overcome any situation with a positive mindset. With each chapter, we learn and grow. Each chapter starts on a powerful note and the way she sharply takes it ahead is mind-blowing. She keeps it subtle and fierce at the same time with apt examples, tips and techniques which we can practice and a glimpse of reality. Her practical approach towards the situations stood out for me.

 It’s a fast-paced read with an engrossing and gripping writing style, an emotional roller-coaster ride that Rajivi takes us on.  I love the structure of the book. Especially the fun and therapeutic elements she adds making it more like a personal journey for the readers.

She adds the cute colourful affirmation artwork that will bring a smile to your face while the space for sharing your thoughts or doodling at the end of every chapter will give you clarity about what you learned. There are journaling prompts for deeper healing along with meditation techniques that will help you. I enjoyed doing the journaling prompts.

This book is like a reality check for all of us. At times we overdo things which harm us, which keeps us away from our goals and happiness. How do we identify it? How do we acknowledge our feelings? How do we work on ourselves? How can we create a strong connection with the universe? 

From Facing our fears to celebrating small wins to finding our ugly laugh to choosing ourselves every time to finding the real friends to love here she shares it all. We all are fighting our own battles in different ways. Little did we know, our little shift in perspective can create a lot of difference. All we need is to work on ourselves, for ourselves and love ourselves a little bit more.

In all, “More than Mostly Happy” is a well-written and engaging book that offers valuable insights and practical tools for achieving happiness and personal growth.  It’s a book with important reminders for life and is a treasure.

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