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Dear April… Tell Her, I am Sorry! by Sourav Sahu – Book Review

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Author: Sourav Sahu
Publisher: Petals Publishers

Writing Style


The climax was unexpected and a beautiful one. It’s a good, light read. A story of love and loss, life and death, a story of happily ever after.



What’s life then? Awadh asked,

Life is whatever amount of light you have fostered inside you while you were dying or as you’d say, while you were alive, said the keeper.

The cover and title made me go to this book and it’s a beautiful journey of Life and Death, love and hate, just like two sides of the same coin, it’s the story of Awadh who wants to live again, who wants to confess his love again, but then it’s too late and he is with the Keeper now who keeps a challenge for him.

What is the challenge about? Will his life and situation change? Will he be able to confess his true feelings and will there be happily ever after?

With an intriguing plot and crisp descriptive narrative, Author Sourav Sahu takes us to the lives of Awadh and his love Tripti who faces hurdles in their relationship. The month of April always brings happiness for Tripti. Will another April bring her happiness?

Loved the way the plot developed, slowly adding the layers of depth to the story. With every event the story gets exciting. Awadh who got a chance to visit his family again (with a twist) wants to make things right for Tripti. But How?

With every event, the story gets exciting, taking readers into the past and unfolding their love story. The simple, captivating writing style of the author and the drama keeps the readers invested in. One could connect to the situations Awadh faces and the way everyone supports him.

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It’s a bit slow-paced story with the themes of love, friendship, drama and loss. Sourav beautifully portrays the small moments and emotions, Be it love or friendship.

The characters are well-developed by the author. I liked Tripti’s character more and Madhav’s character. The way he supported his friend and made him who he was is something I loved.

The story takes a real turn in the last few chapters. Loved reading them. The climax was unexpected and a beautiful one. That scene runs in my mind again and again.

It’s a good, light read. A story of love and loss, life and death, a story of happily ever after.

Recommended for the beginners and if you want to read something light and interesting.


There are many possibilities of the same story in different worlds. But, there is only one possibility, out of all, in which the universe lets you find your  ‘Happily Ever After’.

Aren’t we all seeking our ‘Happily Ever After’ with the ones we love?

But, are we living our lives responsibly enough to deserve it ?

Well! Not many of us do.  And, neither did Awadh !

Which he realises too late. But, the universe has a different plan for him.

He is given one last chance to set things right with the girl he loved.

Tripti, the girl who loved Awadh unconditionally.

Which, yet again, Awadh realises too late.

But, is it ever too late to fight for the love of your life ?

Even when you are too late in time, even when you are dead ?

Will Awadh ace his one last chance to tell Tripti how much he loved her?

Will he find that one possibility, that one world, of his ‘Happily Ever After’?

‘Dear April…Tell her, I am sorry!’ is a soul-stirring story of love, life, truth and hope!

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