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Interview with Garima Pradhan – Author of A Girl That Had To Be Strong

About The Author

As an Author I have always felt the urge to clearly express irrespective of the form whether writter, visual or audios.

Garima Pradhan is an author, podcaster, content creator, video blogger, and relationship coach. 

Garima is an award-winning author, international bestseller. She authored the book- A Girl That Had to be Strong – a book that helps you gain clarity about your life, your goals and how to bounce back after failure. She is also the author of Broken is the New Beautiful and the host of podcast – Garima Pradhan Podcast. She has written two books – “A girl that had to be strong” and “broken is the new beautiful”, both of which are available on Amazon.

She loves to train people with personality and relationship handling. Garima loves me-time, socialising with few friends, writing, reading, watching movies and spending time with her family and friends.

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Q) Tell us about the idea behind the book?

The idea behind writing the book – Broken is the New Beautiful was to remove stereotypes from the society that promotes certain set of people. And circle people who are God choosen in negative way. Example – Manglik people are selected souls God has made with extream care so that their excessive care, love and goodness is not taken advantage off. So I have tried to remove the dear around the world manglik. 

In my book a Girl That had to be Strong my idea was to convey courage via my own journey potrait as Advika. Via my books I talked about how to restart when you hit rock bottom.

Q) How much time did it take in the process of writing?

For my 1st book- A Girl That Had to be Strong it took me 3-4 months while for 2nd book Broken is the New Beautiful it tool me straight 5 months to write… So with respect to time I always choose to go with my mood while writing. Because if I don’t like my book myself I can’t make anyone like it either. 

Q) What did the process of writing this book teach you?

In the process of writing I learner a lot of patience. It taught me to be driven about my goals but at the same time be flexible about the approach of writing. 

Q) What inspired you to write this book?

My life lessons taught me to write this book. Life has been my biggest teacher when it comes to getting inspiration. My downtimes taught me to be Strong and rise like a phoenix when we talk about comebacks.

Q) A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

The Secret is my favourite book so far. It helped me realise that you need to express irrespective of thinking about perfection.

Q) Your favorite chapter from the book?

I personally loved the chapter of broken is the New Beautiful book and chapter of A Girl that had to be Strong book.

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Q) Tell us about your plans? Planning a new book?

Soon will be realising my 3rd book.

Q) How your life changed after the book was published?

My life changed in a positive way as it gave me a big family of my reader’s that love me for my way of expression. I am blessed to have their support at every point of my life. They have always elevated me by being the perfect example of how they should act as humans. By supporting each other and not competing with each other. 

Q) What is a literary success for you?

Literary Success to me doesn’t confine to getting awarded for my work internationally. It’s a success for me when my books help my reader’s, teach them something, solve their personal issue or inspire them to change or be better individual. That’s Literary Success to me!

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On 22 August she got international award for her debut novel – A Girl that had to be Strong and by Ukiyoto Publishing under – “Top 30 books to look out for in 2022” award category.

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