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The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J. Kulkarni : Book Review

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Author: N.J. Kulkarni
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publishers
Rating: 4/5


It’s a brilliant book, do not miss this one if you love reading mystery. It’s a story of Hawa Mahal, an old building in Mumbai where murder’s happened. It’s a story of Smita, a new resident there, struggling to keep her marriage. And it’s a story of Jai an honest police officer. How will they solve this case? How their lives will take turns?. Get ready for the thrilling ride.

The plot of the book is unique and unpredictable with a wonderful storyline. Each chapter is interesting in its own way joining the piece of the puzzle.

The author has wonderfully narrated the story from different perspectives. The narration of the book is astounding. Overall it’s a wonderful book that you must read. A book full of mystery. 

The characters developed by the author are powerful and relatable. One can easily relate to the story and the lives of the characters. I loved Smita’s Character, one can relate to her perspective, life well.

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Themes like Mystery, Thriller, love, loss are used by the author. There’s a lot of drama and dialogues which keep the reader invested in. It’s like a complete Bollywood movie.

The language used by the author is simple and appealing. The writing style of the author is commendable. It’s totally intriguing and up to the point. You won’t be able to put down this book. The book is well detailed. The way the author described every emotion, every situation is amazing.

This book is completely unpredictable. The cover of the book is appealing and so is the blurb. Overall, It’s a wonderful book. Do not skip this one if you love reading mystery.

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It was an old building in Mumbai, a wretched imitation of Hawa Mahal. Built by a rich jeweller as homage to his adulterated love. It wasn’t cursed but it might as well have been. Bad deeds don’t go unpunished. Forbidden love extracts a price.

This is a story about a blackmailer and serial killer hiding in plain sight.

It is also a story about Smita, a troubled housewife trapped in a bad marriage, and about Jai, an honest police officer desperate to prove himself, but stymied at every step by a crooked boss and a corrupt system. When a series of murders take place in a posh locality in Mumbai, Jai watches with horror as his colleagues scramble to save the Chief Minister’s son and frame an innocent man. As the body count rises, he has to ask himself whether he has what it takes to catch the killer. Smita, struggling to come to terms with the dark secrets in her husband Karan’s mysterious past, gets sucked into a world of deceit and treachery. Unsure of whom to trust, she must first fight her own inner demons before she can save herself. 

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