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20 Things I learned in 2020

2020 has been a year full of ups and downs. We all had our own breakdowns, our own situations to face. But, It’s a year full of learnings, isn’t it? A year that taught us lessons for life, taught us that God has his own plans. It’s a year which tested our patience, our mental strength and each one of us.

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2020 for me has been a year full of discovery, especially after I was tested Covid Positive, things changed for me drastically. Well, It’s a Year of Hope, Struggle and Love. Though we all were tensed, we made sure people around us are not affected, are not sad. We made sure everything around us, everyone around us is safe, secure and happy.

To begin with, Close your eyes, write down the things 2020 taught you.

Here are the 20 things that I learned in 2020, a Year to remember. The list is more but Let’s first start with the 20 things.

1: Trust the Universe, God has his own Master Plan.

2: Value the smallest things in life.

3 Be Grateful, be there for everyone.

4:Family comes first, Always

5:Bring a smile on others face, Thank You, I will be there for you matter alot.

6: express yourself, make a journal, jhot down every smallest thing,

7: Small gestures matters, Be there for them, even if they are not there for you.

8: Patience, patience, patience, Love without expectations

9: Your work will speak for you, follow your dream, do what you love

10: whatever happens, teaches you a lesson.

11: Live a healthy and happy life.

12: Don’t rush, it’s ok to pause and work at your pace.

13: You don’t have to speak always, giving others a chance matters the most.

14: Say NO if you don’t enjoy, It’s ok to step back, go with the flow.

15: Discuss, talk, share your problems, Ask for help if you need.

16: Trust everyone, but keep your eyes and ears open. You may be the second choice for someone, but it’s okay to keep them your first.

17: Sometimes it’s better to say no, even if you need it the most. Kahi Pohochne ke lie kahise nikalna bohot zaruri hai.

18: Learn whatever you can, Skills matters the most.

19: Inner peace matters the most. Express all your thoughts.

20: Be yourself, enjoy and live every moment.

Well, the list is longer, but but, I could write these things in a go. Let’s begin. Tag me if you do this.

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