Rains ♥

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Rains, Some feel and others get wet Remember the first touch of velvet? which made you my soul-mate That bliss of rain brought alot of…
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Tiny Tales ♥

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She is learning to live with fake smile,from the day you left, Her KING left her,and that day she made herself new “person” The distance…
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Mother ♥

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  Mother,there’s no one like her, With her, the whole world is here, With her ,There’s no Fear Mother,You are the best you make my…
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Never knew how the “Good Friends”  became important part of the “Love Story”   Just like an angel he entered her heart and whispered Don’t…
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Broken ! Her Patience Ended, Life was bend, She was once Rigid, But now Broken Bridge, Death of her Smile, Death of her soul it…
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She cry at night,and every morning she wake up with taught that today everything will get alright.they both will be together.She didn’t forgot how he…
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